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First short film as DoP - trailer online


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Hello there,


A trailer for my first short film as DoP has been put up online, and I was wondering if anyone would like to watch it and give me some feedback? I realise it's only a trailer and so doesn't really represent the film as a whole, but I'd still appreciate any comments!


I'm a 22-year-old student filmmaker, so I've still got a lot to learn!


The trailer can be found at:



Kind regards,


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Looks good to me! Did you have pretty large set ups for the film? It looked lit decently. It didn't feel like a student film that much. I would say it was closer to a feature than a student film visually.


That's a very generous compliment. Thank you!


There were 4 different set builds for the film - an apartment, a bedroom, a classroom, and a corridor. From pre-production to the release the film took roughly a year to make. I can't imagine I'll ever work on a short like it again in terms of scale, so it was a very rewarding experience for me, and naturally I learnt a lot of lessons!


We've already submitted it to a few festivals, primarily student ones where we hope it's visual style and production design will make it stand out.

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