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  1. So you still have to get the recorder plus the ssd. Maybe $9000 is not the best deal?
  2. That seems odd, usually you can change the volume separately when you record using the input 1 & 2, but onboard mic only works together. Check if your stereo mic is set the the same degree, probably one is on 120 and the other 90. I guess.
  3. Thanks Travis Because i am more photographer for now than videographer, that's why i am aiming on still lenses rather than Sony Lenses, not like i am making a fortune with what i am doing, hence i give priority to photography, obviously if things go well i'd rather get the Sony lenses to avoid problem. What about the focusing, seems that adapter has the electronic contact, the focusing is fast or there are some problem with the motor?
  4. I am considering on getting this one, but i own Canon lenses and not sure if its worth to get the Sony lenses.. Have anybody tried an EF adapter on Sony's camera?
  5. Tape or film? I haven't recorded anything with tape for about 3 years. Since digital became cheaper and had better quality
  6. Digital Bolex and Black Magic are both S16 format, DB comes with a limitation of ISO range of 100, 200, 400. As for Black Magic Cinema there no official data about it. Nikon D800 is a great DSLR when it comes to the still photography, but as for the video, you can find footage comparing to the Canon's, Canon slightly has better image quality (not on 4:2:2, tested footage from camera) Specially the sensitivity. When you use high ISO on the camera you'd get noise. Another thing to consider comparing to the other two cameras that is the Full Frame size, despite that it uses Line Skipping (another artifact to consider) So that you have: Imagery Area vs. Sensibility vs. Color depth As for the VFS work, 4:4:4 12bit seems more likely what you are looking for.
  7. Martin Hong

    Canon 4k 1DC

    Well 8 bit color depth is good enough for TV production, i think thats where they aimed at the first place, since you only have 24fps with 4K. Then in the scene where the actors are running in the street, shot on 1080p 60fps, so 4K wasn't there, which means the final project was brought down or was meant to be 1080p in the first place. Once again the remarkable performance of this camera is the sensitivity, lots of night scenes with natural ambient light around, no noticeable noise in the footage, just like the C300 / 5D MarkIII... Still a DSLR is a DSLR, they were designed to take photography, and as for the price, I dont think $15,000 is the right one, since the 1Dx is less than the half of it: $6,800, basically you are buying a 1Dx with 4K recording on it.
  8. The title of this topic is very confusing, how desperate you are? Have you tried to get some financial support from someone else for this project? are you the only one in the course who can't afford the film stocks? Either way you can have a try with some cheaper alternative, like the LomoKino, is fairly cheap and uses 135 35mm film, that you can still get for a good price in the market. There are limitations, but surely you can do something better with it when you have dedication to what you want to do. http://microsites.lomography.com/lomokino/
  9. Hi Morgan, haven't tested the new 5D mark III yet, but Nikon D800 offers uncompressed HDMI signal that you can use an external recorder for better codec. Still picture wise, Nikon D800 has 36.3 megapixels while 5D Mark III has 22.3 megapixels. However 5D Mark III offers significant improved auto focus system and up to 6 pictures per second. Also one thing to consider is that 5D Mark III is about 500 dollars more than Nikon D800.
  10. Same here, except the Digic 5 processor, and some slight upgrade, 22.3 megapixel isnt much an upgrade form the MarkII, unlike the new D800 and it does have uncompressed HDMI signal output
  11. Great camera for studio photography, although the video doesn't mark big difference, seen the shorts shot on this camera, Joy Ride was more likely shown how well the performance is under low light situation, but not impressive, because Canon is there already. But, there's an uncompressed HDMI output, still no words how well it does, or can handle 422 recording... gotta wait a little bit.
  12. Looks like an interesting story.. Says that its a short film.. where can i watch this?
  13. Richard, I don't know if you have read both bills clear.. I personally support the anti-piracy act, the websites that stream, or provide download to the copyrighted contents should be taken down. However, SOPA/PIPA go beyond than that, let me give you an example. Shane Hurlbut, ASC, the cinematographer, that updates contents to his website and blogs, with his works provides people acknowledges of his works and personal experiences, he sometimes would post some clips/images of the movies he worked on as DOP, explaining what he did there with all the details. Now according to the new SOPA/PIPA bills, he's guilty by uploading those images and materials that, of course he doesn't hold the copyright of them, even he did work on them. By that means, all those studios/productions that support the SOPA/PIPA will automatically sue him, and worse thing is, he can't defend himself, as one section of the bills states. So you see, instead of fighting smartly against the piracy, this one acts more like dropping bomb everywhere till the piracy dies, causing significant collateral damages. Is it effective? i'd say no. Again, i recall, I support the anti-piracy act, but it should hit those place where should be hit, not using a big bomb to see if you get lucky. Of course, its all theoretically speaking, we'd have to see first how it will affect the internet and some other business.
  14. More: What Google has to say about it https://www.google.com/landing/takeaction/sopa-pipa/
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