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Improved Muzzle Flashes


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Your smoke is too gray (background bleed through) and the velocity feels wrong. If you are doing the smoke in After Effects (or similar) take the smoke you have on black and move the black and white to the alpha channel. You can then put a full field of turbulent whitish gray in the color channels and get rid of the dark ring on the edges completely.


First thing I would do is find all of the real and movie muzzle flashes I could and compile them into a reference reel to study. Then start building an image based on the real thing, and work toward the imaginary and dramatized version. Finding some real muzzle flashes at night from a similar kind of firearm would be a good thing to find as an element.




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What Mr. Gregg said. Too many people try to screen the smoke in; treat it instead as an alpha channel, and put some other, more solid smoke in as the colour.


Also the flashes are far too small.


Lastly, you're in a situation where the flashes would be barely visible, even with the magnesium-enhanced movie blanks. Do a night exterior and you'll get the big white flashes. Anywhere well lit or in daylight and it's a lambent effect at best.



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