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Viper 2.35 noise

renfield sonia

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Hi, I've been working with viper a couple of years up to now, but recently shot a documentary short film using 2.35 aspect ratio format. I ran a couple of tests some time ago and noticed than viper seemed to have more sensitivity at this format, which seemed strange, also noticed that this was just an fake sensitivity as it presented more noise in this mode, so to avoid noise I had to overexpose the camera for about 2/3 stop, so achieving the same rating than with 16/9 aspect ratio.

I had to shoot a low budget documentary, sometimes using available light... and kept on noticing this noise, very noticeable on the low range of the image... the point is that even if I tried to keep the image within the best range sometimes I had to underexpose due to lighting conditions... wonder if there's some kind of clue to avoid such a noise patterns. Wonder the way to unsqueeze the images, as I used final cut anamorphic feature on the timeline options.

I recorded a 422 RAW signal on a P2 AVCINTRA 100 recorder.

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