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Over sky

Rob Smith

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Have just shot some footage with a 550d which has come back with the sky badly blown out. I exposed correctly for the person in the shot but this meant the sky was too bright. When graded the highlights are not salvageable.


What can I do when I film it again? For the shots I'm getting a graduated filter isn't really going to work. I shot using the neutral picture style, I've heard about the cinestyle profile, will changing the profile help?


Also the day we shot it was misty and the sky was naturally white with clouds as opposed to a clear blue sky.


Hope someone can help

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There is often nothing that can be done in camera about this. I can only reiterate the advice of previous posts: redesign the shot so you can use a grad, redesign the shot to avoid sky, or at least put some trees or other breakup between you and it, or illuminate the subject.


This is one of the problems of shooting in overcast. It's often said that overcast is easy because the light doesn't change, but this is a key issue with it.



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I believe you can lower the contrast further within the Neutral profile, which may help a little.


Other than that, if you can't use ND grad filters, the you only have one choice (besides switching to a raw or log camera with a wider dynamic range) -- set the exposure to hold detail in the sky and then lift the face with bounce cards, reflectors, or lights to hold detail in the shadows.

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I believe you can lower the contrast further within the Neutral profile


That might get you half a stop. You might get half a stop more by decreasing the contrast by two or maybe three clicks (test carefully) in the presets for whatever picture style you're using. This probably won't solve the problem.


It may be easier to overwhelm the daylight and brighten your actors if you shoot near dusk.



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