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Release Lightworks NLE Available

Brian Drysdale

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The third V2022.3 beta build has been released.


This build consists mostly of fixes, but has added abbreviated track names to the VFX/AUDIO tabs and 1.001 factor frame rates for custom format creation.

Since these current betas are coming out roughly once a week with only a couple of minor additions with each build, plus the fixes, I will hold off announcing each beta release. The details can found in the fixes and features on the public beta download page found via the above link

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Lightworks version V2022.3 is now released. Audio has received most of the attention in this release.


Apart from integration with the IOGates REACT product ( https://site.iogates.com/features/ ) for securely sharing, receiving & reviewing video content in the cloud. V2022.3 includes 200 Free tracks from epidemic sound, Quick FX templates for dialogue and music, improved audio plugin support and new audio controls.

Note that a Create or Pro license will be required for some features.

More details here: https://lwks.com/lightworks-22-3-sounds-great-biggest-audio-update-ever/

There are also new video tutorials on using these audio features.

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The first build of V2023.1 beta is now available for download.


HDR Workflows are added, with exporting sequences as an SDR or HDR deliverable (Lightworks Pro Only) to supported codecs.The OpenEXR format has been added enabling the highest quality floating point interoperability.

Export sequences as an SDR or HDR deliverable (Lightworks Pro Only) to supported codecs.

The OpenEXR format has been added, enabling the highest quality floating point interoperability.


The ability to draw/create effect masks.

Create and Define Custom Layout Templates (Fixed Layout Only). This is to make the Fixed layout easier to navigate for first time users, along with making it more useful and tailored for seasoned Lightworks professionals.

Added functionality icons, improving the layouts and making functionality more discoverable.

Effects and Transitions Improvements (Fixed Layout Only). The new layouts allow for much better discovery of features without having to move out of the existing tab. Note, this new ‘Tiles’ option is not currently available in Flexible layout but should be ready very soon.

OpenEXR media Support
Note: Only OpenEXR files typically used for video post production are supported by Lightworks. Others such as those including ‘z’ information, ‘Deep’ images or ‘Stereoscopic’ images are not supported.


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Lightworks V2023.1 has a number of new features, these include:

Custom layouts in the fixed layout, with this feature, users can now create their own custom layout templates and define the layout of their workspace.

HDR workflows, Lightworks can now detect HDR format from media files, including MOV, MXF, and MP4.

Video mask effects, users can now draw and create masks, including Ellipse, Square, or Complex Shapes and apply them to various effect categories.

Effects improvements, including being able to select from hundreds of custom and user effects and installing from within Lightworks.

The import panel now has the ability to import OpenEXR media and animated GIFs.

The export panel has received several enhancements

Details can be found here:

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LWKS have been running a rolling series of regular new builds on V2023.1 addressing issues as they occur. As part of this process, they have added the ability to detect crash logs on startup and give the option of uploading to LWKS.

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The first build of the Lightworks V2023.2 beta has been released: https://forum.lwks.com/threads/new-lightworks-beta-version-2023-2-revision-141169-now-available.249956/#post-267855

New beta builds are usually released on a weekly basis.

New features include:

Social media improvements, with an enhanced the YouTube export panel. Free users can now export using the portrait aspect ratio. HDR is available for suitable social media platforms

Export improvements, allowing H.265 and AV1 compressions within an MP4 container. AV1 and H.265 support hardware accelerated encoding where available. Also, enhanced support for FCPX XML interchange.

Also, enhanced mask effects and title effects.

A subtitle panel has been added

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Lightworks V2023.2 has now been released.

This version offers more features for the social media user:

Improved YouTube export, with an enhanced the YouTube export panel. This includes better organisation, custom titles, description settings, predefined signature options, and improved tag usability.

Also, chapter markers, AV1 encoding, safe area markers, HDR support and important to Free users, everyone can export in portrait orientation.

More general features are:

Lightworks Pro users can export to H.265 and AV1 compressions within an MP4 container.

Enhanced support for FCPX XML interchange ensures transfers to the latest versions of Final Cut Pro X.

The new Subtitle panel allows the creation of Subtitles.

Effects improvements to masks, a blur out in titles and the DVE category has been renamed transforms.

Further details can be found here: https://lwks.com/lightworks-v23.2-el...-free-download

Edited by Brian Drysdale
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LWKS are running an education programme on both Lightworks and editing in general over 2024.


It may be of interest to those interested in learning more about post production.

New articles are added weekly, which can usually be found here: https://lwks.com/blog
Also, on the last Wednesday of every month, a live video show with guests.

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The Lightworks V2024.1 beta has been released.

There have been a number of major changes:

Video Play Engine:

There's a substantial performance boost, support Apple Sonoma on macOS lead to an reimagining of the  CPU to GPU handling giving performance improvements not just for Mac users but also for Windows and Linux users.

Export Improvements

New export options designed specifically for professional users have been added.  The “Beyond 4k” support introduces UltraHD formats (5k, 6k, and 8k) editing with export support for Apple ProRes, Cineform, AVID DNxHR, AV1, H.265.

Effects Improvements

SVG file import capabilities for masks, which include default SVG images for ease of use. Creating and sharing custom effects with ease using a new ‘Create template from shader code’ panel.

User Interface Improvements

There's a host of user interface enhancements aimed at making the editing process more intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable for both new and existing users.

Further information can be found here: https://forum.lwks.com/threads/lightworks-2024-1-beta-revision-146900-now-available.251517/#post-279563



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