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  1. Thank you Rob Guerrero , I will look out for these. I guess they might be even harder to find in Europe. I wouldn´t mind a diy solution either building my own battery belt, but it looks like I would try to go with just 12V (which people say is totally fine with 24fps, but I am not sure, still have to try...) or with a converter / voltage stabilizer, but this means more cost and also usually a lot of energy gets lost..
  2. Finding now more great information onthis forum, espcially in this thread , so this sounds very promising in using just regular 12V batteries for this task
  3. As the title says: I would need a battery solution for a newly restaurated arriflex 35 iic. Anyone can recommend me a seller in europe? It has a 24fps motor and I am wondering if running on 16,8 V or 14.4V could also work? I m searching around the net and what i found is this https://www.batteryspace.com/nimhbatterypack168v17v5ah84whforreplacementofdivinglightscooter.aspx though this is not based in eurpe, not sure how high the shipping costs will be, and 17V could already damage the unit? anny suggestions are welcome Thank you !!
  4. This is all great news Brian Drysdale! I love the flexible layout. I do my audio work with a DAW, but I understand people want to manipulate audio as well in the same program... My main problem with Lightworks (running it on different flavors of linux) was stability: for me personally I have no need for more features, just less offline media, crash issues, workarounds etc.. ... if this is solved, this is the best NLE for me on the market.
  5. here is one user! :) and curious as well if people keep using it or only the hard core lightworks fans? I think and hope this is really good news. and looking forward to the next beta release to see how the new dynamics will reflect in the development speed (which imo was very slow and incomplete in the last beta process ...)
  6. I own an arriflex 35 iic and I am getting it restored by a skilled camera engineer right now. The question that arose was: Should I keep the camera at 24fps or tweak the motor to run 25 fps? As I digitally shoot mostly on 25, and the shot footage will most likely get digitized and incorporated in projects mostly shot digital, I thought this could be an option. On the other hand I would also like the camera to run at its intended speed(s) , and maybe rent it out once in a while. So I am looking for some advice here... [also on the long run I am looking for a flat base motor with maybe varying speeds, any "economic" suggestion for that is also welcome..] Thank you!
  7. so thank you for the suggestions, looks like I go with the ciecio from ebay. The wooden camera mounting mechanism I do like very much, but is too pricey for me atm..
  8. the ciecio I can just find on ebay but no webpage i could find, OR they are identical with this company? https://c7adapters.com/en/product/pl_mount_-_sony_e-mount/14
  9. Thanks! Is it possible to use shims on the metabones? not sure if I would need it but ... thing I researched is that there are (at least) 2 versions of mtf adapters. the recent one is shimmable and the older one I cannot see if that is possible ... I will check on the ciecio adapters , I havent heard of them, ...
  10. Hi there , I am looking for a pl-mount to e-mount adapter to adapt some cooke lenses to sony (A7s, FS7) I found some adapters online but there are no tests nor a lot of information about a lot of them around. I would think I need a shimmable adapter just in case, and something that connects to the camera or cage in some way to take weight off the actual mount. Do you guys have any recommendation ? thank you very much and happy holidays!
  11. Hi Uli, thanks, this looks great! I Just a question: When you put in the exact radius and numbers, do the lenses fit and "stay" and can you easily put them in and out?
  12. DEar Adam, thanks for the hint. they look beautiful, but I think they are out of my price range. Also because they are situated in the US and I would need to send the lenses there to fit..
  13. I am just about to rehouse a set of 5 primes and I was wondering: I would like to have a nice case with custom sized foam etc for these lenses, and maybe with a logo printed / engraved etc. on the case. Anyone can point me to a service? I searched with no luck... thank you! :)
  14. interesting how turrets seem to become a thing again: https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/04/10/multi-turret-old-school-meets-new-school/ I was also wondering: I have an arri iic with standard mount and have pl mount lenses: I need to convert the camera hard front to use the lenses, though if there would be a PL mount turret option that would be fantastic.. even with just 2 lenses.. but i guess , as the prime lenses are much bigger nowadays this could be impossible
  15. not what you have asked for but I d suggest also to look into the fotodiox nd throttle adapters, in case you are adapting lenses that are non e-mount. they have a vari nd filter build in. As i said it is a vari nd, so you need to check if it matches your quality standards before starting to shoot. for me these adapters come in handy with m42 vintage glass on a sony a7s...
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