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  1. interesting how turrets seem to become a thing again: https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/04/10/multi-turret-old-school-meets-new-school/ I was also wondering: I have an arri iic with standard mount and have pl mount lenses: I need to convert the camera hard front to use the lenses, though if there would be a PL mount turret option that would be fantastic.. even with just 2 lenses.. but i guess , as the prime lenses are much bigger nowadays this could be impossible
  2. not what you have asked for but I d suggest also to look into the fotodiox nd throttle adapters, in case you are adapting lenses that are non e-mount. they have a vari nd filter build in. As i said it is a vari nd, so you need to check if it matches your quality standards before starting to shoot. for me these adapters come in handy with m42 vintage glass on a sony a7s...
  3. I m going now back and forth in my decision between a lesbosher rehouse and a tls rehouse. Checking the pros and cons. The price difference is that huge that I am not sure if I will ever make the money back in case i go with TLS. on the other hand for renting the lenses out this would make the most profit I guess. Also I would like to shoot with the lenses next spring and TLS would definitely take longer to rehouse... it s not easy ;) ;) Thank you people for all the insights.
  4. yes I can confirm the iris gear is set up front of the lens, so I m still indecisive about which way to go. but Les Bosher looks like a very good option , too....
  5. I just started talking to Les Bosher (UK) as well and their design looks also very promising and the rehousing professional and reliable. But just from pictures guessing I m not sure if they have as well the Iris gear positioned in the front of the lens and not at the mount, what could be an issue as Kar Wai Ng pointed out.. anyone here did lens conversions with them? Just from my feeling this would be a good middle way to go money wise...
  6. Ha I got it! I m usually accessing internet through a vpn connection , which isn´t working for chinese sites! Without that it is opening, thanks again, I ll check that out!
  7. Thank you!! the site cannot be reached at the moment (www.glcinemod.com’s server IP address could not be found.), but I guess that is temporary..
  8. Is there a homepage or an email you could share from GL Optics? Google didn´t give me any results .. ;(
  9. thanks for the video link, yes they come very close but the i cooke are more consistent. for my personal needs this wouldnt be a problem though, but this could change a bit the lens rental market.. @ Adam Frisch thanks for the Infos, I ll write these guys too and will compare! As I am based in Europe I remember customs can be troublesome going in and out from the US (I once bought a modded Fisher Price PXL2000 if anybody remembers these cams ;) ;) and it was really complicated.. ) with expensive stuff... for the waiting lists I would also estimate that they would get shorter with the arrival of the new cooke i classics but who knows...
  10. thank you everyone for valuable infos ! @ Dom yes i see that tendency as well, though I own a set of old panchros and I would personally like to rehouse more than selling them again and buying new.. but this is more an emotional thing I guess than it would be an objective decision. I don´t know how the waiting list for the new Panchros looks but it seems they are selling already, no? I haven´t seen any direct comparison etc. though...
  11. Thanks for the feedback on the Van Diemen rehousing Kar Wai Ng . This is valuable infos as i want to share the lenses with a rental house. BTW I also got infos from P+S and they have a waiting list till august 2019, even longer than TLS at the moment...
  12. Yes I already own the base lenses, that is why.. Other than that I would consider the re-release lenses as well. But I was also concerned if there is / will be a drop in value for the rehoused lenses, as there are new options now.. but who knows, I guess some people will still prefer the original rehoused lenses and others the re-release?
  13. Thank you for the insights! I also see comparing the prices now that the difference between P+S is there and TLS costs more, but it is also not huge. I contacted TLS and they have a waiting list of 6months at the moment, which would be ok for me. I will definitely check out van diemen Films and see their options as well.
  14. Thank you so much for that info. I will write also to the other businesses and will compare. And I know what you mean , the TLS rehousing looks very similar to the cooke s , which for me personally would not be a factor at all but i would like to also rent these lenses out and then maybe this can be a factor again..
  15. After fiddling around with adapters and all options I found werent that great I decided I would like to get my set of speed panchros rehoused completely. Therefore I wanted to ask about options: What I keep hearing is that TLS is the best rehousing and superior to P+S , and also more expensive. But I couldnt find any infos about the actual pros and cons here. Do you guys have some real world experience with both rehousings? And in Case: Is the difference that big, that for example people renting lenses would pay more to rent a set of tls rehoused lenses than P+S rehoused lenses? Are there any other options of rehousing from other companies I am not aware of? Thank you very much for any infos on this!!
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