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Fallen Angels First Love in Cafe effect

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It could be that. On a longer lens. Have the actors move very very slowly and dribble something on an optical flat in front of the lens.


There's more than one way to get those FXs though. You could pull it as a comp where they're actually 2 separate layers (bg fast fg slow green screened) and then some blur FXs added on top of both of them.

Personally I'd rather go with the in camera option ;)

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Hmm, let's do some reverse engineering.

If you look closely, the edges of the frame are more blurry than the middle.

I would put some translucent nail polish on a spinning glass in front of the lens (a device used to prevent water drops on the lens), then shoot at a high fps with a shutter as slow as possible, and of course, a wide angle lens.

Then in post I'd double or triple every frame.

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