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  1. I think some of the language politics in Quebec are vile, I also understand the history that spawned them. Either way, there is no denying, whether or not Quebec receives more funding, they have a better track record in artistic film making than the rest of Canada combined (I'm referencing films rich with content and artistic value). Anyway, soon I'll be in Germany, or maybe London, depending on theatre work (waiting for Phil to jump in and say how horrible London is).
  2. Those are the rates for international students. Do you know the rate for someone in the EU?
  3. My current favorite DP (doing work right now), is Sean Bobbitt. His work on Hunger and Shame is absolutely outstanding. I hope Place Beyond The Pines will be good.
  4. They're by far and above the best lenses for the price on the market. The 35mm and 85mm are sharper than canon l class and even many nikon lenses.
  5. Richard is just bitter that Quebec is the only place in Canada with some semblance of culture and decent arts funding. I am American and I would never live anywhere in Canada other than Montreal (the rest is just a shitty immitation of the U.S.). Sure, the French issue can get a little boring, but when the cost of living is half of that of Toronto, and the food and art is twice as good, I'll choose Quebec any day. That being said, there are a lot more commercial film jobs in Van or TO, but I work primarily in Theatre so Montreal suits me just fine.
  6. Thanks, what small LED lights are you referring to?
  7. I already have the camera, I certainly don't have enough money to buy a camcorder, I've seen people use those LED circle lights does anyone know about them. Sound isn't necessarily a must, that being said if people have compact suggestions, I'd love to hear them.
  8. In a dark room where people are dancing you need lighting for video. I've seen people use those LED circle lights does anyone know about them.
  9. I know this is a snarky post alluding to "buy cheap, you buy twice", but right now this just needs to be functional. Simple shoulder rig, simple light set up.
  10. I'm wondering what the cheapest set up would be for event coverage? I have dslr and lenses, but it is more in terms of rig, lighting and sound recording equipment (something that can be operated by one person). The camera provided is a 60D. Lighting and rig are most important.
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