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HMI troubleshooting...

Duncan OBryan

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Hey guys, I don't know how I didn't come across this excellent forum before!


I've been having an issue with my Strand open face (Shaula 575w, Mod. #0009). I noticed it wouldn't strike upside-down or at extreme angles, but otherwise seemed alright. It went out on a shoot a few months ago, ran for about 20min until the dp decided he wanted to go all tungsten (??) and we packed it up. It hasn't run since.

I thought it was the safety switch, since they almost never work well on older HMI heads, but I fiddled with it and make sure it was engaging correctly. The head itself has a remote start-stop feature, and simply doesn't appear to be energizing - the strike/power down switches normally light up when it's in a "ready" state.


I know the ballast is in working condition, it powers up and strikes my fresnel heads just fine. Globe hours are unknown. Hobbs read 43.5hrs.


Any troubleshooting thoughts?

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I had an HMI once that needed one end of the feeder cable remaking - it's possible you've got a cable fault somewhere. If the cable is good on other heads, though, you may have to check continuity through the connector on the head itself.



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