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  1. I have a bundle of two 1000' Arriflex mags for sale. These should fit everything from the II to a 435/235. Comes in a flight case. Very clean, everything seems functional. I haven't film tested these, but they came in a bundle with a bunch of other mags which when checked out by a tech were all in excellent shape and needed no adjustments. I believe they are former Panavision rental inventory. $500 obo. Visual products are selling these at $695/ea
  2. Here's my take, as someone who learned cinematography on 16mm in the same year 4k raw became a thing: Yes, film hit it's nadir this decade. But things are noticeably on the rise. I've had significantly more conversations with directors and clients where film is seriously considered as an option than any other point in my career. Personally I own a Helium and an Arri 35mm camera. Does the RED go out way more often? Absolutely. I make sub-rental income from it and go out as a package rate owner/op all the time. However, when working with a client who has the budget for a full rate camera rental, I always make the case for film. Sometimes I even luck out and get it. The ~$1500/d camera, aks rental, DIT, hard drives, post workflow et al. can go a long way toward film stock and development. I've never had a director/client come back less than ecstatic about the decision. Digital has come amazingly far since its inception. I don't believe either have an edge over the other. In the hands of a master they can both make jaw dropping images. In unskilled hands... well... Kodak will never get back to it's heyday, and they need to accept that. I believe the demand is strong enough to keep their motion picture division afloat, and that demand is only growing. An anecdote: For a time my wife co-operated a very busy photography business. They started out digital but quickly switched over to a fully film based workflow. With the multitude of weddings and portraits they were booked up with, it turned out to be far more economical to use film than to pay an assistant to edit all the digital files - or the time investment in doing it themselves! The end result was mostly the same (after all, aren't most photoshop plugins and youtube tutorials searching for the ever elusive "film look"?), but, once mastering the medium, the cost and time input went way down. tl;dr: For someone just starting their career: resist gear envy. Some of my proudest work was made in less than optimal conditions (I suspect that is true for most folks here). Get the equipment you can afford, and shoot with it every day. Experiment and learn from your results. Also, go buy a $20 film camera from craigslist and practice with that and a box of cheap Kodak Gold 200. Use that to learn to see and interpret light, which is where the real magic is. :D
  3. My Arri 35-3 has two doors. I normally use the standard Arri or a Jurgens handheld door, but also have this one with a vertical tap port. I'm interested in experimenting with some ideas for rigging an HD video camera with BNC for a Teradek, but can't figure out what type of mount/threads are on the port of this sucker...
  4. Looks like you were right, I've only got continuity on three of seven conductors in the feeder cable... Any idea where I can get replacement cable? Safety is #1, so I want to make sure I use the right shielding/wire gauge!
  5. Thank you Phil, I'll check the feeder cable. Unfortunately, it's the style that is permanently attached to the head, so It'll involve separating the reflector from the "electronics package". Hopefully easer done than said!
  6. Hey guys, I don't know how I didn't come across this excellent forum before! I've been having an issue with my Strand open face (Shaula 575w, Mod. #0009). I noticed it wouldn't strike upside-down or at extreme angles, but otherwise seemed alright. It went out on a shoot a few months ago, ran for about 20min until the dp decided he wanted to go all tungsten (??) and we packed it up. It hasn't run since. I thought it was the safety switch, since they almost never work well on older HMI heads, but I fiddled with it and make sure it was engaging correctly. The head itself has a remote start-stop feature, and simply doesn't appear to be energizing - the strike/power down switches normally light up when it's in a "ready" state. I know the ballast is in working condition, it powers up and strikes my fresnel heads just fine. Globe hours are unknown. Hobbs read 43.5hrs. Any troubleshooting thoughts?
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