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16mm film stocks for different colour temperatures


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I'm a film student currently in pre-production for my first 16mm film.

We have three rolls of film stock, and can choose from 50T, 250D, 250T and 500D


We have three different aesthetics:
One indoor scene in a swimming pool, where we will hopefully have 3/4 natural light and I'm hoping we will be able to use 250D Kodak stock, using only natural light.

Two outdoor scenes (although in the English countryside, in May) in one of which we are hoping to acheieve a look similar to 70s photographs of Californian swimming pools, such as


while in the other, we are hoping to acheieve a colder 90s style such as this film demonstrates:


Sorry for the very long post, but does anybody maybe have some advice on which film stock to use?

We are using the Arri SR3 and have access to 'basic filters'




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