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Pro8mm Ektachrome 100D on 514 XL-S

Evan G Smith

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Hi Everybody,


I'm shooting some of Pro8mm's Ektachrome 100D on my Canon 514 XL-S.


My question is about the daylight/tungsten filter. I've heard from almost all people that I need to have the filter switched to the lightbulb tungsten setting. As counterinuitive as it seems, I've heard that it actually correectly exposes the Ektachrome that way.


I just want to be positive about this, and would really appreciate any personal experience shooting on Pro8's stock on this camera.


Thank you!

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Thanks Mark,

I looked up what the camera is actually doing when you have it to the daylight setting (used for old tungsten-only film) and it makes sense that you would disengage it with a Daylight balanced stock.


Looking forward to filming!

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