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Pro8mm Ektachrome 100D on 514 XL-S

Evan G Smith

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Hi Everybody,


I'm shooting some of Pro8mm's Ektachrome 100D on my Canon 514 XL-S.


My question is about the daylight/tungsten filter. I've heard from almost all people that I need to have the filter switched to the lightbulb tungsten setting. As counterinuitive as it seems, I've heard that it actually correectly exposes the Ektachrome that way.


I just want to be positive about this, and would really appreciate any personal experience shooting on Pro8's stock on this camera.


Thank you!

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Thanks Mark,

I looked up what the camera is actually doing when you have it to the daylight setting (used for old tungsten-only film) and it makes sense that you would disengage it with a Daylight balanced stock.


Looking forward to filming!

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Most cameras will handle 50D correctly (exposing it as 40 and removing the filter), but it's always good to be safe and set the camera to tungsten (filter removed). The meters will meter the film as tungsten and 40ASA because the filter is removed.

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