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Part for O'Connor Tripod Head

Greg Kubik

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I have an O'Connor 1030B Tripod head that needs a part. The mounting point between the pan handle and the head itself has been worn down over the years and now slips when tilting the camera. Does anyone know the part number or where I could find it? Please see picture for the exact piece I am talking about.


Thank you.



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They still look good. I have seen worse…no teeth!


The part that is worn down on the left is the platform handle spline p/n 1030-129. It is now composed of a plastic material.


The part that is worn down on the right (part of the arm) is the handle head p/n 1030-084.


Remove the arm and you will need an Allen key to remove 3 screws p/n 04298 holding the platform handle spline. Along with it is a roll pin p/n 00506 which is a little difficult to remove. It’s best to get one – it is very cheap compared to the spline and the handle head.


If you ever break the Kipp lever (the little arm that you pull out to tighten the arm down) its p/n 09119 along with a washer and screw, if needed, p/n 04294 and p/n 08434, respectively. I’ve seen them get broken when the tripod/head is placed in a narrow case.


These parts should be available from a pro or broadcast camera shop.

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