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  1. You could buy a Miranda which mounted on the back where your V-mount or Gold mount plate would attach and this converted the RGB to SDI out.
  2. Does anyone have experience with the dedicated B4 mount for the Alexa Mini or Amira? I have an Amira with a PL mount and use the B4 adapter, however there seem to be quite a few issues with the image that is created. With a Fujinon 22x there is quite a bit of distortion to the image. I'm curious if anyone has tried the B4 mount and had better results.
  3. After a few days of searching the internet and making phone calls it has been painfully difficult to locate camera body "port caps" for ENG B4 (2/3") cameras. This is the cap that covers the sensor so a pretty important part. Sony's glorious parts department seems to think I'm speaking a different language even though I have given them the part number. Can anyone please help me find these?
  4. Given the recent cold front that has forced most of the U.S.A. into winter, I've had a few shoots outdoors and am reminded that I never did find clothes that I thought were the best for cam ops. I have generic base layers for skiing but as an operator in the sports world you are not moving any where near the amount as a winter athlete since we frequently have to hold a shot steady for an extended amount of time and don't have the ability to move around and warm up. Also, I am looking for a good pair of tight, not bulky gloves that can keep your hands warm but still allow you to operate a camera on your shoulder. Any advice on base layers, mid layers, and gloves?
  5. You could put a 70-200m 2.8 with a EF 2x extender. It'll slow it down to an f/4 but that's probably your best bet if you can't be right next to the stage and want extreme close ups.
  6. Thanks for all the input. Certainly seems to be a challenge to find the right lenses now a days with all the large sensor cameras. I agree that it's hard to beat the Cabrios and Canon zooms but the range in focal length is their downfall in my opinion. It's a shame they don't have a doubler built in like 2/3" lenses.
  7. The majority of the work I do is documentary and sports features and it seems that an Amira is inevitable in the near future. With NFL Films making the switch to the Arri Amira as their primary camera I am curious as to what lenses they are using with the body. 2/3" ENG lenses? Cinema Zooms? Any information would be great.
  8. I have an O'Connor 1030B Tripod head that needs a part. The mounting point between the pan handle and the head itself has been worn down over the years and now slips when tilting the camera. Does anyone know the part number or where I could find it? Please see picture for the exact piece I am talking about. Thank you.
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