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  1. $500 is way too low. I also shoot corporates apart from documentaries, commercials etc. The lowest rate that I had charged for a corporate was 750 USD and that was five years ago. It was a 15 min interview and a prestigious project. Even on that I had charged cost of equipment and assistant as extra. Many clients tell me "ohh its just a one hour shoot". Even an hour's shoot means atleast half a day is spent. You have to arrive and get through security with equipment and set up lights etc. Generally the corporate shoots are like max three people - DP, Director/Producer, PA. They try to avoid sound person as much as they can. Commercial rate is way higher. US clients find my rates very reasonable. However, UK clients freak out when they hear the rates. May be top end UK clients pay more? Independent documentary guys when they start telling how great their previous film was and how great the present documentary will be ie. how many countries the documentary will be shown etc etc - then I know that they will offer peanuts. 🙂 For genuine documentary guys, if I believe in the cause then I support them if I am free.
  2. Canon has launched cine lenses with image stabilisation. Canon CN-E 18-80 t4.4 costs some 5K+ USD. There is a servo style zoom for eng kind of zooming as well. There is also and Canon CN-E 70-200 t4.4 which is not yet available. These lenses are made for s35 sensor coverage and are much better than the still lenses. You can easily rent from your local rental agency and check how it works.
  3. The tripod should give lot of vibrations. Something like an easy rig or similar variants will be better. Even completely handheld with just a barebones camera and lens would help.
  4. I saw the exact same message in reduser. Is this the new way to promote products?
  5. The OConnor and other such good ones will last a decade and half or two. If you calculate the cost, it would be like 500 dollars a year. People often buy cameras even DSLRs at some 4-5000 US dollars. And these cameras are upgraded every 2-3 yrs. So the investment in tripod and good fluid head is economically sound. I have an OConnor 1030HDs and Sachtler ENG 100 CF2 tripod and I remember how much I thought before plunging close to 10K in buying the combo. And it will work for a long time. When people use flimsy tripod and head, you will often find that the starting and ending of the pan is unusable. If your tripod and head is good then you can carefully choose the starting composition as well as the ending composition.
  6. In India, most of the films do ADR. For one horror film shoot, I was told by the director that he has done the location scouting and told me that there would be no noise as it was a dilapidated fort. I doubted it as in India, there are very rare outdoor places without human induced noise. When I landed up, I found all sorts of noise including bells from a local temple and loudspeakers. These days a majority of the people are shooting digital, so it is not easy to shoot in film and get good quality at a limited budget. All the best!
  7. Definitely a cinematographer would and should know that the final film is going to suck. However, telling that to the Director is another story. A few years ago, I was the DP and told the Director of the film and it led to major disagreements. So I decided to focus on documentaries and corporates till I get a good director to work with.
  8. Since you are shooting with Dragon, you can always change over to the EF mount and use the Canon 100mm f2.8 L IS Macro lens. It is a pretty sharp lens. If you want further closeup, get a 25mm or 50mm extension tubes and place those between the lens and the camera mount.
  9. Couple of years ago, I too faced a similar situation. The director had no clue and for every shot he had to ask the opinion of one of his assistants, who was completely clueless about cameras, equipment etc. I was a very painful experience. However, the fact is ultimately the director's writ prevails. Despite some of our best efforts, once in a while such things happen. In a student film, you always have the option of not including it in our showreels and hoping that not many people notice that you have shot it. :) Once you move up the ladder and do bigger projects, this option vanishes. These creative tensions also exist when a producer or a financier sees some rushes and gives opinions. In case of documentaries and commercials that I produce for clients, often one executive from the clients side tries to poke his/her nose even when he/she doesn't known what they are talking. Discussing the rough cuts is where I find a major problem. I have found that it is better to sort it out face to face rather than via emails. Having been a suit-boot executive earlier in my career, I can tell you these confrontations can be nasty.
  10. I get more stock enquiries based on my youtube footage.
  11. I have a Canon C300 and 1DXII. I have a 5D III DSLR converted into infrared. It helped me regain my love for photography again. Also have a Go Pro Hero 4 Black.
  12. What weight do you want it to handle? I have a Gitzo 3530LSV and had changed it to flat using the adapter. For small jobs I have a manfrotto 501 HDV head. It is not real fluid head. You can also use a Sachtler FSB 8 head which can be made flat.
  13. You should try the Canon 70D with Dual pixel autofocus. With any other model of Canon you may try the Canon's 24-105 lens and zoom out from 105 to 24 mm. It will retain focus.
  14. Sharing a short review of Canon C300 Mark II based on my experiences in the field It contains some wildlife footage, slow motion and low light.
  15. I think there are bigger things to be worried about than $1 less. In this economy one can't even buy a cup of coffee with one dollar.
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