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Help with Hanimex Super 8 Zoom Projector

Martin Pizzy

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New member here.


I have been given an old Hanimex Super 8 Zoom projector, but cannot understand how the film is actually supposed to be projected, the spools are not in the right place for the film to pass between the light and the lens... Please see the photos below...


Also, if anyone spots anything else I've done wrong, please let me know! (I know the film is loose in most of the shots, I just put it there for show)








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It does look very odd. Every projector I have seen has the sprocket in line with the gate.

The film must be intended to enter and leave the gate at an angle.

Thread over the top of the sprocket, as you have it already, through the gate, under the bottom of the sprocket as you have it already, then onto the takeup spool. Be sure to form a loop above and below the gate.

Try a bit of scrap film first.

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Very peculiar.

You can probably make the loops a bit smaller, particularly at the bottom, so there's no chance of the film rubbing on the housing.

I would want to be sure that any splices were particularly carefully made and I would be watching closely whilst the film was running.

This was obviously an attempt to make a cheap mechanism. In the long term you might want to look out for something more conventional. You don't need me to tell you that your reversal camera originals are very precious and that you can't be too careful with them.

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If you are seeing people upside down, you are running the film from the end to the beginning. Rewind it. Then you will be able to project it properly.

Refer to the photograph above. Run the film from one spool to the other without threading it through the mechanism. Or just follow the instructions.

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Hello, friends, not to offend anybody nor to appear as the smart-arse I am anyhow, let me suggest an idea. I should rather give the film helicoidal or turn-over loops, if that’s the right expression. It would relieve some stress from the film.


This is not the only such projector. Some might remember the Victor Animatograph and Animatophone that also have the sprocket out of line with the gate but turn-over loops wouldn’t have been meant to be set. Helicoidal loops were well known with a number of motion-picture cameras or magazines thereof, namely Newman & Guardia, Debrie, Milliken DBM or Redlake Locam. They’re also named climbing loops. Why not make use of the film’s flexibility, if it allows better or cheaper designs?

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