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Looking for high quality Super16, Ultra16 and Max8 film

Perry Paolantonio

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As some of you may know, we recently acquired a Lasergraphics ScanStation at Gamma Ray Digital.


We're putting together some demo videos, and would like to include as many formats as the scanner can handle. We're all set with Regular 8, Super8 and 16mm, but if you have high quality (sharp, well lit, G-rated) footage in Super 16, Ultra 16 or Max 8, please send me a PM. We're looking for things like landscapes/cityscapes, architectural footage, nature footage, slow motion or timelapse. Basically, footage with relatively little camera motion so that we can easily put titles over it.


In exchange for letting us use your footage on our website and YouTube/Vimeo channels (with credit, of course), we'll scan a couple rolls (50 footers for Max8 or 100 footers for Super/Ultra16) at no charge to 2k DPX, TIFF or ProRes files - your choice. As a thank-you, we'll also give you a deep discount rate on additional scanning. We can only offer this to the first couple of people who send us film in each format, so if you do have this kind of footage, please let me know so we can make arrangements.


Here's an example of one of the videos we've already made:



I hope this doesn't come across as spammy - we're really just looking for some footage to show off the machine and I'm too impatient to wait for the right material to come along!





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Looks great Perry! Keep up the good work. I'll have more stuff heading your way in the coming weeks. Maybe I'll try to shoot some good Boston Super16 cityscapes in the coming days. Let's see how the weather holds out. I've got some Vision3 50D in my Super16 Eclair ACL that I want to finish up just fun shooting.



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shooting two more rolls of 7203 50D for a more definitive test for myself. I did promise a roll, but was a bit embarrassed at how bad I shot it. These next two rolls I am shooting will be steadier and with longer takes. The other footage I had transferred was great and stabilized very well in Motion, I just didn't like it enough to share.

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