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  1. The Sound of Metal (2019) shot on Penelope in 2 perf
  2. Edith, There was one on eBay for the longest time for about 25k, however It seems to be gone. I did find this 3 perf movement on eBay just now. I really think Arri should do a run of 2 perf conversion kits. At the very least they should do a survey to see how large the public demand is. I suspect that there is enough interest to meet their minimum. The subject comes up regularly on this website. Or a company such as Logmar, making a techniscope camera. I know that they are only making the Magellan these days. It just seems that there is a market for a 2 perf camera
  3. I would not get that concerned, as your needs are minimal. You probably already know how Mac monitors are on the high end as far as color accuracy. Have you already watched clips on Youtube or Vimeo and noticed unacceptable changes? For now, if online is the place you will be posting, do a low-fi test by posting a color chart and gray card, both flat and graded. Look for any problems. A "cheap" external monitor set up would be a Blackmagic Intensity shuttle with a BenQ PD2700U attached.
  4. Nizo are worth a look. I have several laying around, all with power issues. I also have a Nizo 6080 in great shape other than the eye piece all blurry.
  5. I am not a fan of AI in general, but I wonder is this new codec can compress film in a "better" way that will make it more acceptable on the web. The issues with grain being hard for the dumb codecs to deal with, being eliminated.
  6. Sorry, it has been sold. Thanks for your interest
  7. I own an XTR Plus and am very interested in a HD tap. Please keep me posted. chris
  8. Bravo! Now I am definitely shooting S16 for a mini doc I am working on. You have rekindled my confidence. Thank you Uli!
  9. Gemini 444 recorder kit for sale. Worked last time I used it about 8 month ago. I just powered up to get photos. No camera to test with. I can think of no reason it wouldn't work, however sold as is. Includes media 2 x 512gb, 1 x 256gb. Reader. AC cable. Custom Lemo to D-Tap. Case and many cables
  10. Anything I have ever seen by Baz Luhrmann has been very stylized, so I am not surprised it has this dreamy look. Bravo for using 65mm and for either the make up on Tom Hanks for his weight gain. I think it is the later.
  11. I want to also suggest the Sigma FP. I own one and could not be more happy with it. The look it creates is great. Fantastic with skin tones. It's build quality is great, all metal. Workflow is easy, all Cinema DNG. They are very small, yet can be built up to any configuration. Lastly, they are affordable, perhaps even more so as a rental. Possible downside is some rolling shutter. Much more on the FP L version which is more still oriented than the FP which is more cine oriented. I haven't had any issue with rolling shutter, but some people complain about it so I thought it was worth a mention. I did own a Powrig dummy battery to D-Tap cable which seemed to cause FPN and banding. Using Sigma branded accessories and cables work great with no FPN or banding at all when using external power as you will have to on a feature. It's low light, high ISO performance is fantastic. There is of course noise at high iso, but not fixed and that can be an asthetic choice. Being a mirrorless camera, it is very easily adapted to use MANY lens made, such as any still lens you might already own. For a low or no budget feature, I would choose this camera over the Fuji. It will run all day long with out issue, like a Sony. Rent 2, 3 or 4 with some Samsung T5 SSDs and you are good to go. The Sigma FP strikes a rare middle ground between cheap, fast and good.
  12. I would recommend a Canon C200 for very low budget. Granted the media isn't the cheapest, but not that bad considering the quality of the footage that you get and how easy it is to use. The internal RAW light is easy to deal with and the look is great. The fuji looks great also, but such a camera on a feature shoot will be more headache than it is worth. Jo mir Canon C200, Shume mir!
  13. This is where a test really helps out a lot. Also, talk to the lab before hand to get their input on the matter. However, I have to agree with what has already been said. I would shoot it neutral with a 85 in place and then warm it up in post. Are you shooting exclusively outdoors? Why not try the 250D with a warming filter? Over exposing 500T is good idea. I have shot lots outdoors with 500t, the St. Patty's day parade in Southie, the lab, Cinelab was able to bring all the colors back to a "norm" There was plenty of grain still, but it was old stock and did have great retro look
  14. Well said Greg! He is a total and utter scum bag! His public image is more important to him than the facts. If he didn't pull the trigger, who did? Can a gun just go off like that? I have not watched the recent interview, but I hope it serves to convict him. May he rot in prison or at least be black balled.
  15. Is this the same footage that is in the new Get Back documentary?? I ask because onNPR this morning, they did a piece about it, stating that roof top set was just after what is in Get Back. The trailer looks great! Can't wait to see it.
  16. I was willing to cut Baldwin some slack, but forget it now. He was probably told to go hide in the Green Mountains and keep his mouth shut, but couldn't even do that. In the video he came across as quite disingenuous and has chosen to stand with production. Well oiled my ass!
  17. If you are moving the camera during the shot, you may get some rolling shutter effect. This might occur if you are shooting out the side widows while driving and moving the camera around. But film cameras have a fast rolling shutter and I as an Aaton owner have rarely seen it.
  18. Aaton XTR Prods have legendary great registration. Driving in a moving car without any stabilization (steady Cam) won't or shouldn't cause the film to "jump" in the gate. Highly unlikely, even less so if the camera is recently serviced. However, the image may still not be steady, but it isn't he cameras fault, it is the movement of the support under it. In your case, it seems like it might me very little. If you cannot use a steady cam, use a car with a very soft ride. For example a big Cadillac and not a Corvette. Try padding under the Hi-hat to help absorb vibration.
  19. How many of the people who really made all the decisions that lead to this will be prosecuted? The AD and armorer and maybe the line producer, for sure, but they are lower hanging fruit. I really don't think Alec Baldwin will fight any decision made by the law as to punishment. He will take his. He will be living with immense remorse and guilt from now on...........Beyond that, the scum that kept cracking the whip, cutting every corner they could, are all now scrambling to protect themselves. The AD and armorer have been put up as the fall guy/girl. which is obvious and just. The line producer was probably only working with 1 to 2 million when you factor in Baldwin's salary, so the corners they were tasked to "cut" were quite tight as it was, but still.....guilty! How did they get bonded knowing that live rounds were on set??? Answer, the insurer/bondsman didn't know about them. Time will tell us what is to come, but it has been my experience in life that wealthy and powerful people are not held to the same rules as everyone else. Given that and how small this budget seems to be, perhaps more heads will roll, like the director. . Lots of horrible shit is yet to be revealed, but who is really going to pay? That is my question.
  20. Great point and well said Frank. I completely agree. A compramise may be the Tangent Ripple. I have never used one, but the cost and size may be a perfect fit for a advanced home user.
  21. Was the lens re-centered? I ask because I used to own a S16 K3 that was re-centered and at 17mm, no vignetting. That zoom lens isn't so bad.
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