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Hello everyone! Sorry for reposting this, but the first time I did it for some reason there was no title. Alas!


So, I love reading books about film, media, art and the motion picture industry in general. I'm looking for recommendations on new reading material for the future. So, if you have a favorite book or know of any essentials that I should read, let me know! I'm sure there are dozens of authors and countless pieces of work that would be valuable and pertinent to my attempts in always trying to further educate myself as a filmmaker. Books I've read that I really enjoyed include:


Final Cut - Steven Bach

Poetics of Cinema - David Bordwell

The Way Hollywood Tells It - David Bordwell

On Directing Film - David Mamet

Ways of Seeing - John Berger


and my personal favorite... Devotional Cinema - Nathaniel Dorsky


All of these books gave me great insight into many different aspects concerning motion picture production and flim/media theory. In ways these books changed the enitre way I perceive reality and the world, and how closely this coincides with filmmaking. In many ways they're synonymous. Motion pictures are merely captured moments of the whole experience. But yes, I would greatly appreciate any and all recommendations. I'm always eager to be turned on to something new, thought-provoking and/or technically beneficial.


I also recently ordered the ASC Manual 10th Edition. I thought it was about time I finally got it. So if you were going to suggest that, maybe think of another one. Please?


Awesome! Well.... Thank you and good morrow!

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Making Movies by Syndey Lumet - great book!


Faber & Faber (England) put out a series of great books that were autobiographies of cinematographers and directors. I bought used copies of the ones written by Freddie Young (Seven Light years) and Jack Cardiff (Magic Hour) but haven't cracked them open yet. I'm taking them for summer vacation reading. They also put out "David Lean's Dedicated Maniac: Memoirs of a Film Specialist" written by Eddie Fowlie, a prop master for David Lean which sounds fascinating.

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