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  1. Very Odd. I have used 16mm Formapan 100 in my SR3 and also in a Canon Scoopic (Single Perf) and D8 in a Canon DS8 as well as in a Bolex D8-L. (16mm Double Perf) Never had these Issues. I have my Film from Photoimpex. They sell Formapan R100 as 16mm Single AND as 16mm Double perf. https://www.fotoimpex.com/films/cine-films-super-8-to-35mm/
  2. Hi, I have a Original sealed S8 kasette with Kodak K40 inside. Expiration Stamp says Nov. 1993 :D It was sitting for decades in a Box somewhere in a Basement of an old House. So, not in Fridge. Is it worth an experiment? 1 or 2 Stops Up? And who would develop it? I guess no one. I guess i have to develop it myself. What would you do? Anyone knows where i can develop it? Thanks
  3. etkachrome 100D is nice. but the price is ridiculous. nearly double as the V3. is it worth it? i dont know...
  4. I'm currently working on Plans for a Linear Developing Machine for ECN-2. The Chemicals are in deep Stainles Steel Tanks "swimming" in bigger Tanks of Water. The Watertemparature is Controlled by Heaters for Coffeemachines and simple Aquariumpumps which lets the water circulate (better controllable when water is in little movement). The heatingprocess is stopped at the given Temparature. Each Tank has such a Unit. The Problem yet is the RemJet Removal as i dont want to touch the Film mechanically (sponge) but rather with a little waterjet. Im thinking about a CarWiper Jet thingie. The whole thing is possible, dont laugh at me.... here is the prove: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14TB_FPI-b0 This unit just has no RemJet Removal Part. The Idea with a 1000foot spiral would be awesome as the spiral could be dunked into the tanks by a robotic arm. You just would need to place round tanks around the robotic arm (360°) 8 tanks would be enough as the 3 different washing processes (after stop, after bleach, after fixer) could be done inside the same tank. For those who are interested in the ECN-2 process and in building a machine, i have attached a PDF drectly grabbed at Kodak https://www.kodak.com/uploadedfiles/motion/h2407.pdf (machine design is on page 10) This is currently my thing im seriously working on. Hope i have been of a bit Help Cheers Randy
  5. Gentlemen :rolleyes: I'm offering my Century Precision 6mm T1.9 S16 Lense (Super-Wideangle) in absolutely pristine Condition für a Arri Zeiss HS 25mm S16 PL Mount. I'm willing to pay a little bit on Top if the Lense is Perfect. Accepting Offers Thank you very much Randy
  6. I can't say much about the KCP 1M but if i watch videos in the tube where semipro hobbyists are using the 1M with fomapan 35mm bulkfilm i must say, it doesn't look so bad? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dzhboB-vxg i mean...well. i like it. and there is also formapan 400ASA avaiable for cheap (fotoimpex) i maybe give it a try.
  7. https://www.ebay.de/itm/Arri-SR3-on-board-battery-charger/202429390254?hash=item2f21bb5dae:g:ElYAAOSwK3Zbkl-D:rk:6:pf:0
  8. i can make u an offer in april when i'm done payin all the other open billls i have for other equippment (just got my MB20 etc...) if you still have it then.
  9. Lately i have been Playing around with Ultrarealistic 3D Engines because i believe this WILL affect our way to do Movies very, very soon. Just watch this, and you will be shocked. This is NOT Real! This entire Environment is done with A 3d Engine called "Unity" : https://youtu.be/rT2Wf8K1Neo I do have a Rendering Engine called Unreal 4, which is as good as Unity. I'm playing around but nothing serious. Just being Curious.
  10. you mean at 1:28 and 1:36? haha yeah, you took the words right outta my mouth. i just didn't say nothing but thats exactly what i tought ("nice shots")
  11. What can i say, i love this B/W Film. Has some graining but for a Din21° Film it is beautiful. I wonder how it compares to Kodak Eastman Double-X? Filmed in december. Camera: My belove Arri SR3 Lense: Century Precision 6mm at F1.3 Super Wide Angle Lab is ANDEC in Berlin / Germany. Film purchased at Fotoimpex. https://youtu.be/NA97HtugQww Do you film in Black / White?
  12. The Colors are kinda Intense but on the other Hand, I LOVE IT. Well done :-)
  13. If you have a nice Lab, you could shot the scene for like 10' feet, cut the film and put it on a smal spool, before shoot regulary. Then ask to develop the teststrip first to see if a push / pull is needed. My lab does that for additional cost. However, i would only do it if necessary.
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