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Breaking into the 'Underwater Camera World'

Carter Coulombe

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Hey guys,


I am very interested in entering the world of underwater camera work. I did the whole film school thing and have been working as a camera assistant in LA for 3 years now. I am SCUBA certified and I love the ocean, I actually grew up in Hawaii so I really feel more comfortable in the water than out of it! I have been trying to find a way into the underwater industry for a few months ever since I worked on a shoot that had its own underwater unit. So fascinating! I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on where to start? I am planning on going into Hydroflex this weekend to chat with some people there. I have also been contemplating selling my 7D and buying a 5D with an underwater housing...thoughts? Do 5D housings get rented very often? I figure a good way to get hired might be to own some equipment? I also don't have any marketable underwater footage of my own, and I would like to put a reel together to help gain exposure.


Any help would be great.





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Well were I you, I'd pick up a 7D underwater housing, and make yourself a little reel for fun on the side to show you can do it. From there, you can start to market yourself out-- perhaps to smaller productions... I don't know, or selling stock footage maybe.

I would also cultivate some connections with rental houses so you can get whatever camera may be needed for a production-- passing the rental rate on to the client without a markup and then make your rate on top of it.

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Carter, I know this post is 2yrs old, but if you really want to do underwater camera work...what have you done in the past 2 years? Built a small real? Called the rental houses and started building relationships?


I don't mean this in a negative way, simply asking, so maybe I can be more helpful in an answer.




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