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Hello People!


Please help me if you are an expert in Arri's and 16mm's. I am confused. Reading a lot about Arri 16 BL and their specific bayonet mounts, lenses...adapters and manuals. My question is can any other lenses-which are not in the manual- be used at any way on the Arri 16 BL or because of the specific bayonet mount I am only able the use the manufacture required lenses with the Arri bayonet mount?


Had a look on some vintage Zeiss Sonar Pentaflex 16mm lenses and some vintage Kodak looks like it might fit..? or am I wrong. What I don't want is to destroy a delicate working Arri 16 BL.


The picture is taken of the actual Arri and the attachment ring. Can this be replaced with any other adapter ring maybe?


If anyone out there is an expert...please advise.


Thank you



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You need to be careful about the mirror striking the back of the lens. From memory, you have the arri bayonet and you have outer ring for attaching the lens blimp. You may get away with using some lenses, but you should bear in mind the flange distance of 52mm, which means most lens can't fit.because they've a shorter flange distance and so are impossible to use an adapter with. The Arri bayonet could be adapted to fit most cameras, which made it popular with rental companies until the PL mount came out. Unfortunately, this means it doesn't work the other way.

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Thank you Bryan....now I am definitely less confused. OK...i will try to put in some other lenses carefully but might just go with the recommended ones...shame that those lenses are extremely expensive. Levi

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