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Short made in 4 days

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Some buddies and I just recently heard of a contest hosted by Rode microphones. The down side to it was the deadline was in 4 days from when we found out. So we threw together a short 4 page script and shot it and edited before the deadline. It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it. I shot most of it and directed the film. The part that got us, was we did not have enough time to color correct and mix sound properly. Which is very important but simply we did not have enough time.


Overall it was a cool test to see what I can produce with very minimal equipment with just friends as crew and cast. Its always fun to shoot with your buds though, i just wish I had more time to do things. There were times in the film when it was just me and the actors. The contest also required a behind the scenes video showcasing Rode Mic's. If you want to check out the BTS video, its pretty funny(bad Language tho!)



Here is the Film!








PS. You can help me out tremendously and vote for the film HERE!!!!!




Thanks guys!






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It's always tough to make something in such a short amount of time. Cinematography wise the quality of the shots seems to differ a lot. There are some really nice shots in there, and I would recommend you to try to pay attention to such detail in every shot as much as you can. Something I always try to do is search for a nice composition, then search for something better.


What kind of jib are you using for the moving shots? Like in the shot at 3:39. Are you shooting on a DSLR?

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