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Would a Sachtler 75mm heads base plate fit on a 100mm Manfrotto Head?

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Hey guys,

I am wanting to purchase the Kessler Pocket Jib for my 5D Mark III. I am ordering a Sachtler ace accessories (matte box, follow focus and base plate) for my Sachtler Ace M tripod.
Now, the crane only lets 100mm heads into the bowl, but the Sachtler head of mine is only 75mm. So is it possible to use the Sachtlers base plate and slide it into a 100mm Manfrotto head
so I can still use all the accessories?


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I think you can delete a post, but maybe not a whole topic you've started. Anyway, not a big deal.


To your question, dovetail plates are rarely compatible between tripods, but I think you can get bowl adaptors which would allow you to use your smaller Sachtler head on the crane's bowl mount.



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