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Problem with Aaton Penelope in 2 perf using Kodak 5222

Paul D Williams

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has anybody else encountered this problem when using the Aaton Penelope in 2 perf configuration using Kodak 5222 or any other film stock for that mater? (See below)


This is happening in the middle of takes, while the camera is running so it's not a gate check then re-raking issue. The camera wasn't making tell-tale "problem" noises.


We shot 12 rolls. The issue is across all 3 mags used but got progressively worse as the shoot went on. The tendency is for more instances towards the tail of the rolls. The heads are OK.


It didn't happen on roll #1. Roll #2 22 times. #3 3 times. #4 5 times. #5 1 time. #6 +25 times. Then things go crazy. This from the lab:


Roll 7 goes out of frame 5 time every foot throughout roll (with the 3rd perf) . At about 36 ft from tail it is almost a continuous 3 perf going out of frame 16 time every foot.

Roll 8 is good for about 75 ft then it starts going out of frame (with the 3rd perf). It starts out 1 every 18 ft to 10 every foot.

Roll 9 is good for about 25 ft then it starts going out of frame (with the 3rd perf). It starts out 3 every foot to 8 every foot throughout.


I haven't got the report for rolls 10-12. I expect the worst.


Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance



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I had something similar with my SR3. had inverted ghost images in the frame. And a couple of times there were loud noises in the magazine but the pictures were not affected...

Maybe because the winding of the negative is tight or sticky I guess.

trying to figure this out.

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Sorry, Paul but this appears to a transport issue. Have the rental vary the accuracy with strobe tool similar to this, i.e. http://www.cinemaelec.com/products/precision_strobe_light.php Did you run any registration tests? i.e. film target, back wind and then film target a second time. Your rental house may also have access to the Century Precision steady tester which provides an even backlight for the enclosed target, i.e. https://www.schneideroptics.com/pdfs/century/CP_SteadyTester.pdf.

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