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Manned Camera Limited Arri AMIRA, lighting and grip rental in SW London


Grosvenor Court

Grosvenor Hill


SW19 4RX


Open from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday by appointment.


Telephone: +44 (0) 7717 514 991

Email: kieron@mannedcamera.com

Website: http://mannedcamera.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/mannedcamera

Twitter: http://twitter.com/mannedcamera


Manned Camera works in partnership with Decode, a long established and well respected camera and grip rental company in SW London, and are proud to be amongst the first to offer Arri AMIRA hire in the UK. We offer camera, grip, lighting and lens hire.

If you are looking for help with your project we can also offer a Manned Camera service.


Manned Camera was established by filmmaker Kieron Jansch with the goal of improving his filmmaking; Kieron is particularly keen to develop his skills in lighting for narrative fiction. As a result Manned Camera is happy to discuss very preferential rates for projects where Kieron can accompany our equipment, and assist or shadow an experienced Director of Photography.

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Hiya Kieron,

Good luck with your projects!


This is the right place to have posted this but you probably shouldn't have posted such a similar post in the camera section too.


Your posts have come across too much like cross-posting and a bit... erm... spammy! ;) I get the impression this is just because you are wildly excited about your new venture but it's good to remember to keep it subtle and low-key. :)


Not that I can talk with all my exclamation marks and smileys but there we go.



Edited by Freya Black
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One query. Other than the larger, cheaper SSD media, and possibly the rather basic waveforms, what's the advantage of running a Samurai recorder on an Amira?

Hi Phil, there isn't really much advantage if you're recording 444 in camera, as the Samurai can only do 422 HQ, but the waveforms actually seem quite comprehensive (although I'm no expert), and the slightly larger screen size is nice. I'll be switching to the Shogun once Arri publish the UHD firmware upgrade towards the end of the year though.

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