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Erkan Umut

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Hello Erkan,


Have you got a Pathe Electronic Duolight 16mm camera? You are a lucky guy!


I have managed to find the last available 16mm Pathé Duolight camera, I think it was called the 'Report', it is black and has an AA battery compartment under the handle. The viewfinder is very clear and nice, with TV 'safe area' markings. And it has the possibility of adding a 120m/400 feet magazine. However, the meter isn't working - I think the film door contacts have to be thoroughly cleaned. When I bought the camera (off eBay here in Sweden, where I live, so I collected it directly from the buyer), it had old batteries that had leaked quite a lot in the battery compartment - however, thanks to the very smart French construction (it is a completely closed off compartment!), thus the interior is not damaged in any way. And the film chamber (for 30m/100 foot daylight spools) looks like it's brand new!

Have you managed to find a 400 foot magazine (for daylight spools) for your Pathé camera? If you know where to get one, please let me know - thanks! I believe it is made out of reinforced Polystyrene plastic, or is it almost completely metal?


All the best, Bengt in Stockholm B)

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