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F/S Eclair NPR Ultra16 kit with extras

Scott Bryant

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Hey everyone,

I’ve decided to sell my Ultra16 converted Éclair NPR kit. I bought it in 2008, and sent it to Bernie O’Doherty at www.super16inc.com for a simple clean, lube, alignment and convertion to Ultra16 aspect ratio. After that I shot about 15 rolls and then put it in my bedroom closet. It’s been there since and unfortunately I’m no longer shooting with it. I charged the battery and the camera runs, but I don’t have any film to run through it.


The motor is a Perfectone. It has a Tobin TXM-6 crystal sync with 24 or 30 fps. The motor has a metal tripod base that can be removed for easier shoulder carrying. The lens is an Angenieux 12-120mm zoom f 2.2-22 with lens hood. There is also has a C-mount lens mount on the turret. It has a Kinoptik viewfinder (the shutter on the eyepiece is a little slower to close so some oil would maybe help that out). Included are two 400ft magazines. One made in England. One made in France. Included is a 12 volt battery with an over-the-shoulder pouch and power cord. The whole kit comes in two metal flight cases with foam padding (one for the magazines, one for the body/lens/battery). The camera is in good condition and is already converted for widescreen, either Ultra 16 or Super 16 can be achieved with the modified gate. Also included are rails, IndiFocus Pro Follow Focus with assorted gears, and a Harrison changing bag.


I’ve uploaded some pics of it HERE.


If you have any questions or want more pictures please let me know. If you’re interested let me know where you are and I’ll take it to get a shipping quote.


I’m asking $1000 U.S. or best offer.






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