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ARRI Arriflex 535 B (3 + 4 Perf) Large Package

Tom Mackintosh

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Note: the buyer bailed out on me last minute, so I'm relisting my 535B kit.



The camera is in perfect working condition and is set up for 3-Perf. An additional 4-Perf movement is included.

The camera is ex-rental and has been last serviced on March 27, 2015 at Cinegate Berlin. Everything has been tested prior to sale and works flawlessly. A few signs of wear on body and mags, but nothing that would negatively influence the performance.
The package includes ...
- Arri 535 B with PL Mount and 3-Perf movement installed
- additional 4-Perf movement
- IVS color video assist
- Film Gate Cover
- (2x) 400' Mags + Mag Port Covers
- (2x) 1000' Mags + Mag Port Covers
- Extension Viewfinder FE3
- Heated Eyepiece
- Transvideo 5" Monitor
- Panavision Signal Transmitter
- Bridgeplate BP5
- Rain Rover for Arri 535 B
- (2x) cases - DIY, not fitted. They are perfectly fine for shipping, yet you might want to buy proper equipment cases for storage.
Camera can be picked up in 88131 Lindau (Germany) or shipping within EU*.
*Please note: because I've previously experienced extreme difficulties shipping such a large and valuable package outside of the EU, I decided to only ship it within the EU. That is, of course, unless you can organize shipping (+ the necessary custom papers). Then I'm happy to ship it worldwide. Simply get in touch to discuss shipping to your address.
Paypal is possible, yet bank transfer is preferred. Please get in touch before paying.
Feel free to get in touch for further questions.


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