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Problem with RED on board LCD shooting anamorphic with dragon 6k

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Hi everybody, I'm 2nd ACing a project with Red Dragon and cooke anamorphic and I'm having troubles with the RED LCD on board monitor. The problem is that after setting the 6:5 anamorphic 2X desqueeze the DP sees the frame on his RED LCD kind of cropped. It's like he's seeing the 2:40 aspect ration only in a frame inside the monitor while the rest of the space is just black, and it's not eveng shading like when you shoot 1.85 and you just wanna set the frame guides for anamoprhic, it's just like if only portion of the monitor is used to show the image but the rest is not. It's like seeinga smaller rectangle inside the monitor that shows the image while the rest of the space is occupied by the other infos like media, battery etc etc.

Does anybody know if there's an option in the monitor control I can use to fix this problem or if this is normal when shooting 6k anamorphic? (and I'm sorry if the description of the problem might not be clear).

Thanks so much in advance,



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That's because you're displaying a 2.40:1 image on a 16:9 monitor. Just like watching a 'scope movie on a 16:9 tv set, you have black bars top and bottom. The anamorphic mode is using the full height of the sensor, unlike cropping from 1.85, which is why there's no shading outside of the frame.

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What Stuart said... the anamorphic lens has a 2X horizontal squeeze, so to get a 2.40 image once unsqueezed, you only need to use a 1.20 : 1 area of the sensor (6:5). So in 6:5 mode, you are recording the full height of the sensor but cropped sides and then the camera is unsqueezing the image to become 2.40 on a 16:9 monitor. There is no "outside" image.


You could set the camera to, let's say, 6K Full-Frame and then you'd have excess picture being recorded on the sides but still you'd be filling the frame top to bottom with the picture, no look around there, and it would look skinny. And you'd probably have to create special frame lines to show you the crop on the sides to get to 2.40 : 1 and live with the skinny image.

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