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Fishing wire for on camera hair effect?


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Hey All,

I am directing a short comedy, "Cowlick" (https://www.facebook.com/cowlickfilm), and I need my lead character's hair to stick up like alfalfa from "The Little Rascals."
The cowlick will pop up while on camera (meaning we need it to go from shellacked to his head to pointing up sky-high). We are thinking that attaching some type of fishing wire or thread to a well gelled "cowlick" might do the trick, but wanted to see if anyone had better suggestions.
We have a test shoot coming up and will be able to try just about anything. My lead's hair is jet black.
Thanks so much!
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I'm not an fx person but I would think you could create a hinged lock of hair that could be pushed up with a stiff wire or thin rod from directly behind so that the head blocks the rig, though it would only work in a close-up where the hair person can hide behind the actor. For a wide shot a fishing line and perhaps fishing pole could do the lift.

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