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Lens Gear/Focus Ring for Small 16mm Vintage Lenses

flavio filho

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Hello guys.

Need help finding a focus ring to adapt into my Schneider 16mm lenses.
The problem is the circumference of the focus ring on the lens is 165mm. Redrock Micro has the type "A" ring with the minimum of 180mm.

Years ago I've bought from Shoot35 in UK a model that fits perfectly, but they dont' have it anymore. I need 3 more.
I know there are the universal 'malleable' rings, but I need the ones that have a larger diameter outside, to reach the follow focus gear.

I've been looking around all the web, not even on eBay I could find, new or used.

Any help much appreciated.


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It might be simplest to take your measurements to a machine shop and have them make up some .6 pitch geared rings out of Delrin, I've done that in the past and it wasn't too expensive. If you make the inner diameter fractionally smaller than the lens ring, say 164.5mm, you can heat the Delrin gear up a little to expand it, slip it over the lens and it will shrink to a secure press fit.

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Hey Dom, are you having a break from your sabbatical?


There is a guy called helicoptersean who makes a lot of plastic ring gears for lenses, very cheap. I'm hoping they are machined from appropriate plastic, not just 3d printed (if that is possible). There may be others like him. If one had to custom machine the inner diameter of a gear that should be do-able.


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Hey. Thanks a lot guys.

Funny thing, I've got an email today from Shoot35 in Uk, the ones that sold me the ring they don't manufacture anymore, asking 'how many" of them I;d need.
I've said 2 or 3 depending on price.

Thing is... These are 16mm cine lenses. I love them, I have a BMPCC, invested in quite a few accessories. But it's 16mm, not 35mm.
It;s what I could afford, though. Mot diminishing the potential of 16mm, I love it. But I hope in the near future to be working with 35mm.

Thanks a lot for your help!
Will check those out now.


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