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Anamorphic lens for a Nikon d5200

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Hi guys, hope I caught the right space to ask this info..


I was wondering if somebody knows wich anamorphic lens is best suited for my Nikon D5200.

I'm looking for a 1.9x - 2.0x sqeeze, cheap one if possible.


I found this model on ebay:



Is this one ok? Do I just need some clamps to attach it?






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You need to know what your final aspect ratio is. If you're shooting in 1.78, then multiply that by 2 and you'll get the final aspect ratio = 3.56 which is WAY WIDE

What you're actually looking for is something like a 1.25x squeeze for a more traditional aspect, but perhaps you want the really wide format.


Anyhow, that lens is a projection lens and will work for you, assuming you have some way to mount it in front of your taking lens, several people make mounting

kits for just this sort of thing.

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As a projection lens it's intended to be focussed and then locked off with grub screws. It would be very inconvenient to shoot with and vignetting might be a problem.

Something like a Kowa 8Z or iscorama with a large rear element diameter would be more suitable but they are a good deal more money. Sorry, I sold mine last year.


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Thanks for the replies guys!


Yes I really want this super wide ar xD glad this kind of lens suites my camera thanks! Gonna look for some clamps now


I am aware of getting some vignetting but I really dont mind that :p

Pity for your Kowa haha I'm just recently diving into the camera world



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