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Where do you go if you're looking for a camera op in another country?

Yash Lucid

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To add.. apart from sending a reel.. not a bad idea if you already have a contact with a particular company..I would invest in a very good website.. a bad one is of course counter productive as your selling your visual acumen .. and put you CV,some info about yourself and showreel on the site.. you can then update both easily .. and importantly a contact page..


Depends on what type of work your after.. I don't think you are ever going to get work as an operator,focus puller or even loader .. on big budget productions from a showreel or website.. unless you already have a very good CV and have worked on similar productions in the past..no one will take the risk.. if its TV or lower budget.. where the production can save money by using a local hire.. and you can show from your website and CV that you are up to the job.. Im sure you will.. owning your own gear will also help.. the production wont need to pay excess baggage /carnet etc.. "production saving money" is the big motivator :) verses risk of someone they dont know..

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I've gotten operating jobs through my friends at the various local rental houses who have passed my name along to non-local productions passing through. Have also gotten jobs from other cinematographers (and producers) for whom I have worked in the past when they have had to pass on a job. Most of it is though personal recommendations and word of mouth.

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Thanks for the feedback so far. So regarding the website, mine is www.lucid-media.co.za - I'm sure it looks professional enough? The reel is right below the welcome slider.


I've had the pleasure of working regularly with some agencies in Canada and India etc so far, and it's been great. Mainly corporate/Unilever internal videos. I'm not looking for the big stuff. I've signed up to some websites and listed myself as a crew member, let's see how it goes.


BTW: Craigslist isn't big here, not at all, but would anybody recommend posting there as well? The only thing I know about that site are jokes about how dodgy it is, mainly through those Conan skits... :D

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Dont go near Craig's list.. this will brand you as a bottom feeder.. career suicide !.. there is Mandy.com in the UK and Crews Control in the US.. you could list your self on mandy and apply to be a listed crew with Crews Control..majority of their work is corp,s.. the BBC also have an "approved" crew list world wide . if you have worked for them already I would get on that list too..


Apart from that.. it will just take time.. for your name to get around.. producers will always ask around their own friends contacts before going to crewing agencies.. but every new shoot for an out of town dir/producer will be another contact..

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