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Hey guys,


So I'm trying to find one of these to rent for a shoot in Savannah, GA: http://modernstudio.com/pipe-spinning-gag-58/


I've also attached a couple set photos of something similar in use during one of Alex Buono's workshops.


The local rental house doesn't have it and the guys at modern studio haven't gotten back to me yet. Does anyone know of a rental house in the southeast or anywhere in the US that would ship it for me?


Also -- I'm pretty sure all of those units are running to a central battery via D-tap. Am I right about that? If so I would also need a d-tap splitter to power all of the units right?


Thanks so much!


-Ben J



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Hey! The best option would probably be to ask a rental house for a Big Ben clamp and a section of Speedrail. With this setup, you'll unfortunately only get two lights instead of the 4 that Alex likes to use, but thats usually not a problem for Poor Man's process stuff. I would also suggest picking up some ratchet straps and a Menace arm kit so that you can tension the arm and avoid any bowing. I don't know what those lights are exactly, but they look like LED Dedos or similar.... Whilst they might be battery powered, I would try to stick to AC power if you have access to it. Gives you the option to use larger fixtures and easier to trouble shoot than faulty DC.

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I hope Modern Studio got back to you yet. I have bought from them every time I visited LA and absolutely love getting more and more grip equipment which comes in handy if it's time to problem solve.

Unfortunately, because of luggage prizes when flying, I haven't been able to buy any pipe clamps but I did build pretty much the same setup (though smaller) in "junior".


As said by Aidan: Try the Big Ben sollution, and then add a short speedrail, some cardellinis and a lots of sandbags, to weigh the stand down. If you need four lamps, in 90° angles, talk to Modern Studio, they are always super helpful and actually build stuff on the fly, if you go to their store!

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