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last roll: Kodak Ektachrome 100D Double Super-8 122 meter / 400 feet

Andries Molenaar

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Sorry to list it here but advertisements sink like a brick in water on the marketplace section as it is flooded by copied steadicam forum advertisements. Discounted it a bit as a compensation :)


Kodak Ektachrome 100D Double Super-8
16/8 2R
122 meter / 400 feet
Kodak 7285
CAT 186 1681

One metal can, never opened, from cooled storage.

NOT homebrew DIY. Kodak original perforation in Kodak packaging.


Bought it for a project from USA, own import. It is now in Europe. Save on duties while it is here.
Never made it into the work and I don't expect any use in the short or long time.

Nice to expose in DS-8 camera like Elmo Filmatic of Canon Scoopic for maximum sharpness or slit it into two strands and use these to fill 16 pieces of loadable Super-8 cartridges.

Over 50 minutes of running time at 18fps!

You can have it easily have it processes at any ciné lab which does E-6


Now selling it at USD $900 or EURO equivalent


I have images of the offered can, the website is very limited on storage.


IBAN banking preferred

Paypal available at +3%

I have an over 700 eBay positive feedback


Rolls of 400ft of single strand meterware Super-8 was offered at Euro 400

http://www.filmvorfu...ektachrome +400

And sold out quickly...

No to forget the USA based 20 cartridge cases at $1900

or 2 cartridges at $170

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