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Equipment For Sale / Looking For (Pre-Owned)

Rick Anderson

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For Sale :
Zeiss Super Speed MKII 18/25/35/50/85mm
Zeiss 35mm CP2 Super Speed Lens
Zeiss 18mm CP2 Super Speed Lens
Angenieux Optimo 45-120mm Zoom Lens
Angenieux Optimo 28-76mm T2.6 Zoom Lens
Angenieux Optimo 16-42mm Zoom Lens
Angenieux Optimo 15-40mm Zoom Lens
Angenieux Optimo 30-80mm Zoom Lens
Angenieux Optimo 17-80mm Zoom Lens
Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm Zoom Lens
Fujinon Cabrio 19-90 Zoom Lens
Fujinon Cabrio 85-300 Zoom Lens Mint
Cooke Varotal 18-100mm T3 MKII Zoom Lens
Cooke Cine Varotal 25-250mm T3.9 MKII Zoom Lens
Arri 14mm Ultra Prime
Arri/Fuji Alura 30-80 Zoom Lens
Arri/Fuji Alura 18-80 Zoom lens Includes: 2-18" New Stainless Steel Rails,15 &19mm Lens Supports,Arri LMB 4 Clamp On Matte Box Adapter For Alura & 2x New 6.6 to PSR Filter Trays,Arri LMB 5 Clamp On Matte Box Back Adapter For Alura, Alu/Stainless Double Shock Resistant Flight Case
Red 18-50mm T3 Zoom Lens

Zeiss High Speed Super 16 Lens Set 9.5/12/16/25/50mm T1.3
Optex 5.5mm Super 16 T1.9
Canon 7-63mm Super 16 T2.2 Zoom Lens
Canon 11-110mm Super 16 T2.8 Zoom Lens
Zeiss Variable Lens Set VP-1,VP-2,VP-3 T2.2

Canon HJ11ex4.7B IRSE
Canon HJ14EX4.3B IRSD PS12
Canon HJ17x7.7B IRSE
Canon HJ22ex7.6B IRSE
Fujinon HA23x7.6 BERM-M58
Fujinon HA25x16.5BERD
Fujinon ZA12x4.5BERM-M58
Zeiss Digi Prime 70mm
Zeiss Digi Prime Lens Sets Available
Zeiss Digizoom 6-24mm B4 Mount HD Lens 2 Available
Zeiss Classic ZF.2 Distagons in F Mount (Nikon Mount) with Duclos Cine-Mod
Angenieux 5.6-61mm Cinema B4 Mount Lens 2 Available

Vision Research Miro Package
Vision Research Phantom Flex 2K 32GB Package
ARRI Alexa XT Plus Camera Package
ARRI Amira Camera Package
ARRI Alexa-M 4:3 XR Camera Package
ARRI Alexa Studio 4:3 Camera Package
ARRI Alexa Plus 16:9 Camera Packages
ARRI Alexa EV 16:9 Camera Packages
Red Epic Camera Package
Red One MX Package
Sony F55 Camera Package
Sony F5 Camera Package
Sony F65 Camera Package Two Packages Available
Sony HDC-1500 HD Video Camera w/HDCU 1500 CCU
Sony NEX-FS700U Camera Package (2 Available)
Sony F800 Camera
Sony HDW-750P
Sony HDW-650P
Sony PMW-EX3 Camera Package
Panasonic AJ-HPX 3700 Camera
Panasonic AJ-HPX2700 Camera Package
Canon C500 PL Mount Camera Packages (2 Available)
Available With The C500 Cameras CD Odyssey 7Q Monitor/Recorder
Canon C300 EF Mount Camera Package
Sony A7S E Mount Camera
Panasonic AG-HPX370 Complete Camera Package Includes:Sachtler Tripod,
Lectrosonics,Marshall Monitor & Misc. Email For Complete List.

CAMERAS / 16mm :
Arriflex 16SR3 High Speed Advanced & Accessories Qty.-2 Available
Arriflex 16SR3 Silent & Accessories

Moviecam Compact 35mm Film Camera Package

Fly Pack System : Email For Complete List Of Equipment Included

Cam Mate T18’ 2000 series with Dutch Head
Vision Research 512GB Cinemag II For Flex 2K,Gold & V Series Cameras
Sony CA4000 4K Fiber Optic Triax Camera Adapter NEW
Sony SR-D1 Card Reader
Sony SR-PC4 w/10GigE Card SRMemory Data Transfer
Sony RM-B750 w/Cables (2 Available)
Sony HDVF 35W Viewfinder

NewTek Tricaster TCXD850, 22-Channel HD/SD Live Production Switcher, Rack Mount Form Factor, 8 External Sources, 8 Virtual/Mix Ch, Removable Storage,Custom Rack Case
On Wheels

1999 Freightliner FC-70 3 Ton Grip Truck, 70K miles, 26,000 GVW, Walco Liftgate. Comes With Complete Grip Package. Email For Pics & Grip List.

Looking For To Purchase: Preowned
Arri 416 Camera Packages
Arri Alexa XT Camera Packages
Vision Research Flex 4K Camera Package
Zeiss Master Primes Set Of 6
Arri Ultra Primes 16,24,32,50,85 & 135mm
Arri Superspeed MK3 Lenses
Zeiss 15.5-45mm T2.6 LWZ.2 Lightweight Zoom Lens
Fujinon Alura 45-250mm Lens
Fujinon Alura 15.5-45mm Lens
Sony RCP750 Remote Control Panel
Fujinon WCV-L85 Wide Angle Converters

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