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Advice for Wireless Video from Arri 435ES

Christopher Lew

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I'm looking for advice if anyone has done this themselves!

I’m trying to up-convert the analog composite signal from a 435ES video tap to an HD-SDI signal so I can get a wireless feed going through a teradeck. What I’ve found online to be the best solution so far is the Aja V2 mini converter.

The Decimators (specifically the MD-DUCC) are apparently very misleading and can't convert the analog CVBS signal to SDI, although the Decimator 2 can down-convert.

Has anyone tried/tested any of these methods or found a way themselves?



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I do it often with my 416. It's far easier to do with HDMI and cheaper you can get a BNC to RCA adapter and run it into a composite video to HDMI box(these are very found online easily), powered by a USB battery. Unless you're willing to monitor in the analog world, many rental houses have Transvideo TX/RX for these cameras.

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You can also use analog wireless system - Transvideo Titan, which are very cheap these days (200 €) and has far more usable range than Teradek (exactly about twice the lenght). It's also simpler solution.

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