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Red One MX blue channel error?

Max Field

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I had been having various issues when it came to correcting/grading my RED footage is post. Everything had this specific yellow haze to all of it, then I looked at the meters:



On the far right, in default REDcolor2, the blue channel in specific dips downwards when the saturation is boosted (and generally a bit lower in the first place).


Some info on the shot:

-lit with a single fluorescent

-4400K sensor temp

-400 ISO

-4K redcode36


After messing around, the shot got to a somewhat balanced point where the blue isn't the oddball of the spectrum, but I'm just concerned I'm doing something wrong with my in-camera settings (have had this issue all across the board) or that something in my firmware (32.0.3) is at fault.


If anyone has any leads it'd be much appreciated, thanks.

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