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creating a DCP in DaVinci Resolve

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Hei guys,


I need some help and wonder if any of you creates DCP in DaVinci and if it's possible doing it this way.



I have a short film (10min long), final export full HD at 25fps 16:9 (but we shot in 2.39 scope so it comes with letterbox). So far Festivals have always been asking for a vimeo link or DVD, and now we've been selecting for a Festival accepting only DCP.


in DaVinci

in the exporting setting I know you have the video format option of easyDCP


-codec: 2K DCP (there's also the option of flat and scope, but I thought as the final export is 16:9 to keep the codec as general 2K DCP and let the cinema screen, or if the film is 2.40 I need to select 'scope'?)


-what about max DCP bit rate?


-do I need to select/work on any another setting? for instance compression: lossless, interop packaging or encrypt package?




I gave it a try and export a version, and I've got this folder with some xml and mxf files, and I litereally never wondered what a DCP really looks like.

how then could I open a DCP? so to check colors and everything is the same as my final QuickTime export for instance?



thank you so much for any input :)


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I've not used resolve for DCP's but have had some success with adobe premier which has similar settings.


Looking at Resolve it does seem to give you the main different options e.g 2K flat, 2k scope, 4k etc... so you should be able to get the size right by selecting 2K scope. If you keep a letter box in a flat container your potential going to risk having a postage stamp size image on a common hight cinema screen.


The codec should be jpg2000 and the max bit rate DCP can support is 250mbs - Resolve and Premier both default to 250 so I would leave it at that unless hard disk space is an issue. Commercial DCP's are usually in the range of 75mbs-125mbs. But for a short not reason no to max out =.


24 fps is the world standard, some DCP servers will allow different frame rates e.g 25, 30fps - but not all, so its a risk. I've done a 25fps DCP that worked at my local cinema - but I had time to test it. So for guaranteed compatibly you'd have to make a 24fps version of the film


I'm assuming that it should work reasonably smoothly the DCP tool in premier does.


The only other potential gotcha is the hard disk that you deliver on, For guaranteed compatibility it needs to be formatted ext2, though many servers will work with ntfs (but not all)


Another free way to produce DCP's is to use the tool DCP-O-MATIC - its an open source DCP creater. Even if you stick with DaVinchi. The DCP O Matic manual is helpful as it tells you a bit more about DCP's and settings etc.


So maybe have a look at: https://dcpomatic.com/manual/pdf/dcpomatic.pdf


Last time I did a DCP - I couldn't find a free player to test it on. Also the colour/contrast on a DCP projector is probably different to my Mac. I was able to get the local art house cinema to test the DCP. Then I could be confidant both the film looked ok and the DCP file worked.


If its for a festival get the DCP to them in plenty of time for a test - if your not quite obeying the rules e.g with frame rate.

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I've used both the premiere DCP and the easyDCP from resolve. I've had mixed results with both (color shifts and also not getting smooth playback). You can download trial version software to view DCP on your desktop and it's great just to check for gamma shifts and other color space issues, but is not best to see if you're getting smooth playback or not. The best QC is actually going to a theater and watching it through their projector (sometimes you can find a local theater on a slow day that will let you test it). Another thing to be aware of is the color space you export the DCP in. If it's going through a projector you're using P3 color space, not REC709.


All in all, if you need guaranteed quality, just hire a company that does this stuff all the time to do it. They have the equipment and the know how.

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For the aspect ratio, stick to either 1.85 and letterbox or your native 2.40. You could ask the festival to see what they prefer. Also be prepared for a enormous file and have a dedicated hard drive just your film's DCP on it for delivery to the festival. Another thing to ask the festival is what system their projector's run on so you can format the hard drive accordingly (Almost always they are linux servers).

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