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  1. Looking for a BPA-2 for sale. Everyone who sells them new are 4-6 weeks out for delivery. Also would be open to a BP-13 or BP-12 Also looking for Gold Mount plate for Alexa SXT. Thanks!
  2. Heikki, I was quoted the same price from Duclos. It's a bit steep for me 😭
  3. Definitely would never even imagine to attempt to work on themselves. Just wanted to put feelers out if there were any more affordable alternatives to duclos. Seems that there really isn't...
  4. I have a set of S16 Super Speeds MkII's and the focus barrel is getting a little stiff on some of them. Maybe the lubrication is getting dried up. Is this a simple operation or is it a more involved process just to re-lubricate these lenses? I heard somewhere the floating elements in the super speeds make them difficult to work on. I don't know if I can justify the price point for duclos to look at them right now, wanted to see if there were any other options.
  5. Late response but for anyone going through old posts, the S16 glass works really well with the Pocket 4K. I got the metabones adapter and the only main issue is some wiggle between the MFT mount and the adapter, which a lens support bracket fixes. I used the Zeiss Super Speeds with the Pocket 4k and most of the lenses besides the wider focal lengths actually cover the whole MFT sensor so you can shoot in 4k if you want. But you can put it in 2.6K mode and it essentially crops it to a S16 sensor size so vignetting isn't too much of an issue.
  6. Not sure about Eddie's contact info. But if you're in LA you should hit up Andree at AM Camera (661-433-7667). He was the lead tech at Clairmont for a very long time. He can do just about anything.
  7. Maybe one day we can have some 4x4 frames filled with soapy water too haha
  8. this might be off topic, but it kind of has to do with reflecting light off a mirror. This guy makes an artificial daylight room in his house. He used a satellite dish and put an LED where the antenna would go so it makes it seem the source is at infinity and get a consistent shadow size at different distances. Thought that was pretty smart. He also made a diffusion frame with soap in it to scatter the light and have a blue sky ambient with out effecting the kelvin of the actual LED source.
  9. Thanks again Dom! Valuable information
  10. Hey Dom, I have one other question for you. My SR is a non high-speed model but it came with two HS mags. I know arri doesn't recommend using them but I've never had a problem. I recently bought 4 non-HS spare mags for parts for super cheap. I know the main difference between the two is the HS has a fixed pressure plate and the non-HS has a sprung plate. Can i just take the throat assemblies from the non-HS and put it in the working HS mags to eliminate any possible flange focal depth issues? They look to be exactly the same. Thanks!
  11. The locking mechanism on the PL mount for my SR seems like it has more play than it should. When I put lenses on the camera, the PL lock can loosen much too easily. Some lenses fit a little more snug than others but overall it seems like it's loose. Is there a way to adjust this tension? I don't want to mess up the flange distance on it by taking the whole PL mount off.
  12. This feels more natural to me since the highlights have room to breathe and aren't taken down below 60IRE.
  13. Alan, I'd be down to ship my SR3 to you. About how long do you think it would take, a couple months maybe?
  14. how much for one of the 4Ah batteries? Is it a Lentequip one?
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