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  1. This feels more natural to me since the highlights have room to breathe and aren't taken down below 60IRE.
  2. Alan, I'd be down to ship my SR3 to you. About how long do you think it would take, a couple months maybe?
  3. how much for one of the 4Ah batteries? Is it a Lentequip one?
  4. Hello Danner, 

    Are you still selling the Arri Alexa  Classic, and does it have the option to go to 4:3? 

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    2. Danner Gardner

      Danner Gardner


      Apologies for the late reply. I've been dealing with some things out here. If you're still in the market I can send you a video of the Alexa powering up and whatever else you might want to see. In terms of the price, I can come down to $5,500 if you can pay for the shipping. Let me know if this works for you. Thanks!

    3. Harry Masson

      Harry Masson

      Hello Danner, 

      I've met a seller over the phone in NY who has offered me a similar package for the same price. Would you be able to come to about $4600 and I'll cover shipping?  All my jobs are cancelled here in NJ, but I'd like to use my time with mandatory quarantine to play around with this camera. Also which state would you be shipping it from?


      Harry Masson

    4. Danner Gardner

      Danner Gardner


      Unfortunately I can't come down that far. I have somebody else who just offered me $6000 but I'm paying for shipping. It would be shipping from CA.

      -Danner Gardner

  5. Very low hour Alexa Classic package in great condition. 1430 hours with Highspeed and Anamorphic licenses Kit includes: - 2 short EVF Cables - 2 Long EVF Cables - EVF extension bracket - Top Handle w/ extension piece - Anton Bauer battery plate - Shoulder pad - 19mm BP-12 bridge plate |- 19mm rails - BPA-2 bracket - WA-1 bracket - Leveling block - (3) Female 2-pin Fischer to 3-pin male XLR power cables - AC power supply (24 Volt) - (1) Male 5-pin XLR Splitter to 2 female 3-pin XLR - Wooden Camera A-Box - (2) Sony SxS 32GB cards - (1) Sony SxS 64GB card -
  6. It's about 2.5 Amps with normal accessories with a 6.3 Amp fuse in the body so that's the absolute max. It's specifically for a Moviecam Compact. I wanted to make a 3 pin to 4 pin XLR adapter along with 3 pin XLR power extension cables. Hoping to use the 3 pin XLR's on a variety of cameras, if need be, and adding in the adapter when using the Moviecam.
  7. I thought about using mic cable but was didn't know what gauge the wire is usually. The power cable would be used to power camera (24V). I would be terminating it to XLR.
  8. Greetings, I'm wanting to make some custom power cables but wanted some suggestions on a decent, two conductor cable with a flexible jacket. Let me know what you recommend. Thanks!
  9. Where did you end up finding your ground glass at Randy?
  10. Hey Matthew, do you ever rent out your LT package?
  11. For the aspect ratio, stick to either 1.85 and letterbox or your native 2.40. You could ask the festival to see what they prefer. Also be prepared for a enormous file and have a dedicated hard drive just your film's DCP on it for delivery to the festival. Another thing to ask the festival is what system their projector's run on so you can format the hard drive accordingly (Almost always they are linux servers).
  12. I've used both the premiere DCP and the easyDCP from resolve. I've had mixed results with both (color shifts and also not getting smooth playback). You can download trial version software to view DCP on your desktop and it's great just to check for gamma shifts and other color space issues, but is not best to see if you're getting smooth playback or not. The best QC is actually going to a theater and watching it through their projector (sometimes you can find a local theater on a slow day that will let you test it). Another thing to be aware of is the color space you export the DCP in. If it's
  13. Greg Doi is an amazing Gaffer in Hawaii. He's worked on Jurassic Park and Hunger Games.
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