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  1. It's about 2.5 Amps with normal accessories with a 6.3 Amp fuse in the body so that's the absolute max. It's specifically for a Moviecam Compact. I wanted to make a 3 pin to 4 pin XLR adapter along with 3 pin XLR power extension cables. Hoping to use the 3 pin XLR's on a variety of cameras, if need be, and adding in the adapter when using the Moviecam.
  2. I thought about using mic cable but was didn't know what gauge the wire is usually. The power cable would be used to power camera (24V). I would be terminating it to XLR.
  3. Greetings, I'm wanting to make some custom power cables but wanted some suggestions on a decent, two conductor cable with a flexible jacket. Let me know what you recommend. Thanks!
  4. Where did you end up finding your ground glass at Randy?
  5. Hey Matthew, do you ever rent out your LT package?
  6. For the aspect ratio, stick to either 1.85 and letterbox or your native 2.40. You could ask the festival to see what they prefer. Also be prepared for a enormous file and have a dedicated hard drive just your film's DCP on it for delivery to the festival. Another thing to ask the festival is what system their projector's run on so you can format the hard drive accordingly (Almost always they are linux servers).
  7. I've used both the premiere DCP and the easyDCP from resolve. I've had mixed results with both (color shifts and also not getting smooth playback). You can download trial version software to view DCP on your desktop and it's great just to check for gamma shifts and other color space issues, but is not best to see if you're getting smooth playback or not. The best QC is actually going to a theater and watching it through their projector (sometimes you can find a local theater on a slow day that will let you test it). Another thing to be aware of is the color space you export the DCP in. If it's going through a projector you're using P3 color space, not REC709. All in all, if you need guaranteed quality, just hire a company that does this stuff all the time to do it. They have the equipment and the know how.
  8. Greg Doi is an amazing Gaffer in Hawaii. He's worked on Jurassic Park and Hunger Games.
  9. One thing that always stuck out to me is the use of Grad ND's in an extreme way. Although, they could just be doing a power window in Resolve.
  10. Another alternative to using a clip at the bottom to keep the pages together is using a rubber band around the bottom of the clipboard. I also like to put a thin piece of hard side on a pencil or pen so it always stays with the slate.
  11. I will check with the rental house if they have any camera negative they are willing to let us use. Thanks for suggestion! And I did get a decent light meter from a friend and also convinced the school to buy 400' of 500T 7219 :D If for some reason I can't get some camera negative from the rental house I might have to take you up on that offer Tyler. Thanks again!
  12. Hello Everyone, I am a T.A. in a cinematography class at Arizona State and I convinced my teacher to do a workshop with a 16mm camera. Being how new our Film School is we have no film cameras, only digital, so we are renting an SRIII to show the class and possibly shoot some stuff. My professor and I wanted to show everyone what it's like to shoot on film and how careful you have to be with exposure, how to use light meters, etc., and implementing these structures for when you shoot on digital. Rather than the typical status quo of students just blindly shooting and guessing on exposure. I was reaching out to the cinematography community for help, if anyone has any short ends or exposed super 16 film we could use to help the students with (show how to load the magazines, etc.) that would be amazing. Kind of a long shot to ask on here but I thought it wouldn't hurt. Thanks, Danner Gardner
  13. Danner Gardner

    2 perf

    I've been in the works of trying to shoot a project on film for the first time. 2-perf definitely caught my eye, but the seem so hard to find to rent.
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