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Google "Beyond the Map" 360 degree camera

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During the last couple of hours I've been playing with Google's "Beyond the Map" showcase of Rio De Janero in Brazil, and the 360 degree "shot" looks like it's a series of cameras that are linked by a high end PC that digitally assembles the images from each camera to make one massive 720 degree image.


Do I have that right, or is there something else going on here?



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I once saw a Google car drive past after turning off of the Birmingham Bridge.

It had an orange sphere on the roof which had which had lens around its equator and above, with one at the north pole shooting

up. So they're covering a dome.


Didn't think they were actually shooting.


They were coming from the general area of the Google office which is in a former Nabisco plant (cookies!).

Which is near CMU and Pitt, so they grab up computer students from them.


---in TohoScope,









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Here's some pictures I found on google:








The spheres also come in blue and green.


& a back pack for climbing city steps.








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What they use for Google Maps and what they use for exploring in 360 degree videos is very different.

For the videos it is likely 6 or so GoPros in a custom rig arranged in a sphere, which then gets stitched together later on the PC (such as by using Kolor's software).

I do this myself, here is a pic for example of what I've been using:


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