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  1. just received these b-t-s photos from pinterest: http://themoviescore.com/behind-scenes-2001-space-odyssey/ some of these are already on the posts, but so many more here. yours in tohoscope, ---LV
  2. & here's the French side of the beach: "WEEKEND AT DUNKIRK" in FRANSCOPE & COLOR Not to be confused with "OMAHA BEACH PARTY" <iframe width="854" height="480" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/vq2zvHcQvyc"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  3. Here's some pictures I found on google: https://cdn.brightvessel.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/iStock_000019412382_Small3.jpg https://cdn.brightvessel.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/iStock_000019412382_Small3.jpg The spheres also come in blue and green. & a back pack for climbing city steps. ---LV
  4. The 40mm is a Mitchell NC/std mount. The second one is not a camera lens. It says "18mm reducer lens" on it & has screw mount, It's a wide angle lens for a Mitchell side mounted view finder. Their widest coverage is 35mm, and thus need an auxillary attachment to cover wider lenses & ones longer than 75mm, Do have a set of Series II Speed Panchros? ---LV
  5. Yes. I once saw a Google car drive past after turning off of the Birmingham Bridge. It had an orange sphere on the roof which had which had lens around its equator and above, with one at the north pole shooting up. So they're covering a dome. Didn't think they were actually shooting. They were coming from the general area of the Google office which is in a former Nabisco plant (cookies!). Which is near CMU and Pitt, so they grab up computer students from them. ---in TohoScope, ---LV
  6. They're Mitchell std/ NC mounts. Possibly could be B&H 2709, but Cooke series II speed panchros are probably to recent (late50s-early 60s) to have been made with the B&H mount.
  7. I recall reading a from the 30s or 40s that said some cinematographers, when shooting close ups, would burn two holes in a net with a cigarette uncovering the eyes so they would stay sharp while while the rest of the face stay soft. Also they would layer nets with concentric circles/ holes cut out, to make the sharpness gradually fall off. I suppose one would go through a lot of nets.
  8. the bride of frankenstein foreign correspondent the maltese falcon all that money can buy AKA the devil and daniel webster passage to marseille the horn blows at midnight air force ivan groznii AKA ivan the terrible (parts I & II) so part II has color sequences at the end, so shot me. it's my 2nd favorite movie of all time, the top favorite is in color, thus not to be mentioned here. i walked with a zombie (the ending is pure visual poetry) the seventh victim how green was my valley the third man the man from planet x (I'm a sucker for misty moors at night) the dam busters sink the bismarck! ikiru inherit the wind (lots of deep focus shots in the court room & gave the world 'devo'.) suddenly last summer cranes are flying dr. strangelove the loved one (my all time favorite double bill consisted of the last two titles, sat through them twice if not thrice) the train sword of doom stranger than paradise ...there should be a few groups of five up there. in TohoScope, ---LV
  9. 16mm is one perf per frame. Thus a 4 perf frame would be about 30mm wide. This is Technicolor's patent for a Method of making wide screen motion pictures: https://www.google.com/patents/US3396021 You might know it as Techniscope, Cromoscope or Euroscope. (I've come to prefer the name Euroscope, because of its EU currency connotations) The frame here is 22.05mm wide, the same as academy & scope frames. Dom & David are right about the need to design and manufacture all of the auxilliry equipment for it. Probably why T'color went with system #1. PS: A late 40s American Cinematographer has an article describing a 2frame 16mm horizontal system named Rotocolor. Would've used Kodachrome. But apparently no commercial use either. ---El Pedante
  10. Try this link: http://www.filmcentre.co.uk/faq_lens_m.htm http://www.filmcentre.co.uk/faq_ic.htm this page lists coverage of various, mostly professional, lenses also lots of links.
  11. That's not Mitchell with the "bug eye", it's an original Todd-AO camera, which is actully a 65mm Thomascolor camera from the 30s. http://zauberklang.ch/filmcolors/timeline-entry/1278/ Which in turn was a Fearless Superfilm camera from 1929-30. That is not a mitchell magazine on it. I recall a DTrumbull interview about 'Brain Storm' where he says that Kubrick bought a bug lens from Todd-AO. & it seems the camera with it. In an interview with SSpielberg about "I.A.", he says that Kubrick told him he has some 65mm cameras that S might be able to use for effects photography. Might the FC be one of them? http://www.in70mm.com/todd_ao/catalog/vol_2/index.htm http://www.in70mm.com/todd_ao/catalog/vol_3/index.htm This one has the baby bug eye in it: http://www.in70mm.com/todd_ao/catalog/vol_1/index.htm Also I suspect a 19mm Kowa medium format lens was used for the hand held fish eye shots in Hal's lobotomy scene. Trumbull used one for the steadicam shots in Brain Storm. .
  12. This scene takes place in a church where Father Marple is delivering a sermon. One can see a white line on the edges where the blacks in the foreground meet the back wall. This might be an artifact of edge enhancement in the transfer. Edge enhancement can enhance grain. ---LV
  13. Way back I worked on the Fox Movietone Project & then in neg prep, I got to examine some B&W nitrate prints on the bench. The Nitrate prints had richer tones with deeper velvety blacks. However, around the same time nitrate stock was being phased out, the amount of silver in b&w stocks was being reduced, which made for prints with thinner blacks. I suspect the higher amount in B&W negs was also why 3-strip T'color had richer colors and tones, ---LV
  14. 5254 did not use the same process as all the later ECII films that followed it. Thus in addition to '54 film stock, the processing will need to be reintroduced, along with modified processing machines. & ECII is hotter process, so expect the '54 emulsion to melt off in an ECII bath. ---LV
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