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For Sale: Aaton Aminima Super 16mm Camera Package

Tanner Pendleton

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Hey all,


I have an Aaton Aminima Super 16mm camera package up for sale. It's in excellent condition and was recently serviced at Abelcine. I'm currently traveling but if anyone is interested I can put together some photos and reference videos when I get home.



Here's what's included:

- Aaton Aminima

- 3x 200' mags

- 3x daylight spools

- Onboard Aaton side battery

- Battery charger

- Video tap

- Wooden handgrip w/ lemo connector

- 15mm rods

- Carrying case

- I also have a roll of 250D and 50D that I'll toss in as well :)


Asking for $5,000 but open to offers.


The camera is located in SLC, Utah. Will accept PayPal. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.





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Ohh, good set-up. I was lucky as I have paid 1500 Euro for the same camera kit a couple of week ago. Good luck for the sale!





Thanks Giorgio - that sounds like a steal! Perhaps that's why you are looking for various Aminima parts on forums here ;-)


This camera is in excellent condition and ready to shoot. I bought it for $4,000 a couple years ago and put in over $1,000 to get re-celled Aaton battery, spare mags, spare daylight spools, etc.


It was fully serviced by Abelcine a few months ago (cost me $1,500 alone). Here's what was done:

- dissasemble, clean, lubricate

- re-aligned sprockets

- re-seated magazine

- lubricate motor

- replaced and cleaned viewfinder

- shot and developed calibration test rolls @ 24 and 48 fps


Obviously, I'm not expecting to get back everything I put into it which is why I'm open to offers. This is aimed towards a serious shooter looking for a reliable package.

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:) Yes ,I'm looking for some parts as here in Italy there is no market for this camera.

I'm sure your camera will find a good home soon!



Wooo happy shooting over there in Italy! Definitely check out Abelcine for accessories if you can't find them over there. They are really helpful and have a lot of spare parts for Aminimas, including the Aaton onboard batteries, which are typically hard to come by!

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