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  1. Manual found, please all the members interested send me the email address and I will send you, it's too big to upload here. Giorgio
  2. I have it, just give me some days to find it on my hard disk Giorgio
  3. Yes still for sale, I have a buyer interested but still not sold, PM me for more infos. Thanks Giorgio
  4. Hello guys, Finally I’ve decided to sell my beautiful Bolex SB camera kit, not happy to sell but I will never use it as I’m focussed on my new Arri 2C Techniscope camera. Bought camera and lens from a collector, they are virtually new and working perfectly. Lens is a Kern Vario Switar PTL zoom late model, camera kit is complete with battery handgrip, charger, battery and cable, ESM motor in mint conditions and DIY alloy front plate to mount standard 15mm rods for mattebox. I will add pics of the complete lot soon. Price is 2500 EURO paypal accepted as a friends or buyer pays fees. Postage
  5. Thanks Stuart, that's what I was thinking to do. G.
  6. Hello guys, I'm looking for gelatine filters for the Arrilite 600 lamps, what's your advice buying gelatine filters for tungsten lamps? I think I need the High temperature ones or just standard gels would work? Also what's the best way to mount them on the arrilite 600 unit? Thanks for your help Giorgio
  7. sorry my mistake, the correct focal is 80-240 not 80-200. G.
  8. Hello gents, looking for opinion about this lens Schneider Tele-Variogon 1:4 / 80-200mm does anyone have some experience about quality in grneral or compared to Angie 20-120 or similar zoom lenses? I’m thinking to use it on my Arri 35 2 Techniscope camera. Thanks for your help. Giorgio
  9. Thank Tim but really I don’t know the value of such a item in these days, would be better to hear your request thanks G.
  10. BTW the one in the picture is originally for the BL35 I think not for the SR
  11. Uhmm.. really I’m not sure but seems that the wide angle version is originally for the 16SR I-II cameras for S16 shooting? They can be used on 2c as well. G.
  12. Hello Tim, yes that one. Is the wide angle version or the BL one? how much is your request? Thanks
  13. Hello, looking for a very good conditions Arri 16-35 diopter eyepiece. Thanks Giorgio
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