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  1. Are you selling my camera Attila...? http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=78369
  2. Price reduced for a quick sale, 1200 euros for a great S16 kit. Thanks
  3. Hello gents, I'm selling my Eclair ACL S16 camera, camera has been converted by Aaton and it has Aaton lens mount plus cameflex adaptor, 1 200ft mag 1 400ft mag handle cable onboard battery with Aaton style battery freshly recelled It has also the original Delsey bag but it's in very fair conditions I will post within EC only If interested PM me and I will send photos Price 1500 euro Thanks Giorgio
  4. Sorry for the late response guys, camera has been sold. Thanks
  5. That's the best solution I've found for the Eclair ACL needing external battery solution: 353-proaim-brick-external-battery-for-blackmagic-pocket-camera-p-brk-bmpc.html I've used it also on the Aaton Minima and it works perfectly, you just need a pair of little rods to mount it under the base, it's light. Giorgio
  6. Angenieux 15-150 is a true S16 lens with full coverage, it's much sharper than 12-120 and a lot more expensive, great lens.
  7. Hello, there are tons of Spot Meter on Ebay, search for the Minolta it's a great meter, if you want pay more Gossen is top.
  8. Angenieux 15-150 is a S16 zoom with full coverage. The HR you sell is a rare lens and superior to the old ones.
  9. I have a R16 in perfect working conditions serviced by Bjorn Andersson some time ago, I've spent 580 Euros for parts and service... I have a new battery from Wittner and a new charger from Bjorn. Only I have not the handle as it needs to be repaired but I have the new original switch for the job. If you are interested PM and I will send you pics. Giorgio
  10. Hi Blaise, in the lot there are also 8 sealed and properly stored 200ft Kodak Vision for the Minima, when you send them for developing ask your laboratory to re-spool the minima you sent with fresh stock at your choice. G.
  11. Hello, for sale my Beaulieu 2016 Quartz camera kit Camera body fully serviced by B. Andersoon Sweden New 2000amh battery New charger Schneider 16-80 zoom Some 100ft rolls What can I say? Simply the best Normal 16 camera ever built for handheld works, easy, light, silent, quartz controlled, time lapse and much more all integrated. The rarest Beaulieu camera built. Mint conditions Price 1200 euros I will ship worldwide Paypal is fiine for overseas buyers PM gor details and pics Thanks Giorgio
  12. Hello gents, sad decision but I will put on sale my Aaton Minima camera kit. Camera is just returned ftom a service, shutter belt, shutter guard and lube by Aaton France. Camera body 3 magazines in alloy bags Power. Base B&W video tap Various cables Angenieux 15-150 S16 lens in mint conds recently serviced by Duclos 8 sealed rolls of Kodak Vision ft200 properly stored Great alloy bag gor the whole kit Some internal camera batteries everythings in mint conditions I will post worldwide but bearing in mind that Italian postage cost are not cheap so shipping will be not cheap. Price is 4000 euros Paypal is find for overseas buyers but they will pay Paypal fees. Hope it will find a good home. 😀 Pm for further details and pics. Thanks Giorgio
  13. Hello gents, I was thinking to sell some of my s16 cameras to buy a Kinefinity Terra 4k, mumble mumble... but: As I've always in mind my finished work for concours film, theatrically projected, so converted to DCP 2:39 scope, I'm right if I say that shooting real 2k vs shooting 1920x1080 with a BMPCC is at the end the same result? What's the benefit shotting 4k and then downsample to 2k for the 2048x858 DCP SCOPE resolution? I'm thinking that is not worth to spend 6k for the Terra camera vs Bmpcc... what do you think guys? Thanks Giorgio
  14. Pierre Michoud, AATON GRENOBLE. Top service.
  15. Sent my Aaton Minima to Aaton France and they are top notch.
  16. Hello gents, just a couple of simple questions as I've really not any knowledge about DCP and projectors. Is it correct that I need to set the Davinci output blanking to 2:39.1 ratio to have DCP files with the same ratio of what I see on my iMac on Davinci and the resolution would be 2048 x 858 2K DCP? Also, my frame rate is 25 fps, could be a problem? Finally, don't know if I will be able to convert to DCP, in case I will not, can I use the Prores 422HQ file for the projection or I need to convert to .264? Blu Ray will be an option or I will loose too much quality? Thanks as always for your help. Giorgio
  17. Thanks but already sen that. They have cameras I'm not interested in, I will wait for a good Aari 3c or a converted Moviecam Giorgio
  18. Hi Tyler, that's a good answer but: It's not an obsession but just an amateur desire... You have focalised some good points but: the image area of a cropped 2.35:1 3 perf are nearly the same of the Techniscope but you are shooting more film and it will cost more as I'm not living near Hollywood... If you want to shot Anamorphic you will end with very very expensive 1x33 lens And finally here on marketplace there was a beautiful Arri 3C techniscope camera kit for a bargain but sadly at the time I had already bought a Aaton Minima kit. I will see, anyway thanks for your tips. Giorgio
  19. Hi all, seems impossible to find a good 2 perf camera at reasonable price, so how much would be a 2 perf conversion for a Arri IIIIC or Moviecam Compact? Any tips? Thanks Giorgio
  20. Hello gents, looking to buy a 2 perf camera, ideally an Arri 35 IIIC or a moviecam but other options considered. I can also be interested in a trade plus money with an Aaton A-minima kit serviced and ready to shoot. I have also a late ECLAIR ACL converted to S16 by Aaton in the 80'. I prefer dealing in EC but we can speak about an overseas deal. Any help? Thanks Giorgio
  21. Price reduced for the whole lot, 1000 euro. Giorgio
  22. yes they are still servicing Aaton cameras. Giorgio
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