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Can the JVC GY-LS300 output 10-bit HD video?

Jack Foreman

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It's a camcorder with 4K capabilities, but I don't really care about 4K. I just want a camcorder that can do 10-bit, 4:2:2 sampling & is HD.
I've been trying to find out whether the LS300 can output 10-bit video (through either the SDI or HDMI via external recorder), but have been unable to find anything concrete on the matter. Some say it can't, but I don't know if they mean it can't output 4K at 10-bit, or whether it can't even do it with HD.

In the comments' section on the LS300's trailer video 'Heist', the creator of the video says it can indeed output 10-bit HD video via external recorder:

(It is in a reply to someone called Sammy S, & again hinted at in a reply to Michael Lafuente).

This is the only source I could find that claimed this. I just want to find a second one.

Additionally, if it can, what would be the best external recorder for the job?

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They exist already!

But sadly you can't use it with a focal reducer at the same time!
And not all have a clear filter option.
Hopefully an electronic variable ND for Nikon F to MFT arrives one day in the future.

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When I shoot with my GH5, I use the 12-25 and 35-100 native lenses, with a matte box and 4x4 ND's. The larger glass 4x4 ND's are much easier to work with than built-in filters. You can stack them, for example. When shooting native M4/3, then Lumix constant aperture 12-35 and 35-100 are perfectly fine lenses. The lens stabilization combined with internal 5 axis is amazing as well.

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