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Filming 16mm with Macro Diopters? // Macro Lens for K-3

Manuel Goetz

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Hi community,


I have two questions related to poor-man's macro solutions.


I am about to purchase a Krasnogorsk K3 and look for ways to shoot in macro with it. One idea was to just put a diopter - these close-up rings - in front of the lens. I know it's a super cheap solution, but that's how I roll. Does anybody have any experiences in that regard?


At a later stage I'd buy a macro lens for it. I know it has a Pentax mount, so am I assuming correctly that I can just use any fitting macro lens with that mount then?


Thanks for helping me out!



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there should not be any problem with it as long as the diopters are good quality. generally about something like +3 or +4 can be tolerated even if not top quality diopters (chromatic aberrations, soft edges, etc.)


I personally prefer extension tubes over diopters most of the time and rarely use dedicated macro lenses, just normal lenses with extension tubes or bellows. you can purchase a cheap M42 extension tube set from ebay or a local seller (the cheapest one will do) if you need more magnifying than diopters allow. you need to calculate the exposure manually but otherwise works great (though most m42 lenses are not good enough for very high magnifying ratios, you will need dedicated lenses if wanting to shoot microscopic stuff)

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hi aapo, thanks for this, this is great news!


I'll start with the diopters and then see if I need to get any closer. I'm not planning to do any crazy microscopic stuff, so I'm fine with the inferior quality of the diopters and the not over the top quality. later on I'll probably invest in the extension tubes and a fixed 50mm lens.


i bought the k3, which has a 77mm lens diameter. will any diopters with 77mm diameter work? or do i have to watch out for different threads or something like that?

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most 77mm diopters should work. I normally buy large diopters, like 82mm, and use step down rings (the Chinese ones from eBay, very affordable) to use with smaller thread sizes but the 77mm ones are slightly cheaper, so if you don't have any 82mm lenses you should do fine with the 77

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