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Can you record two seperate .wav files on Zoom H4n?

Lew Matthews

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Hi all.


I have been using the Zoom H4n as a portable audio interface on shoots. I've been using a RodeLink wireless lav for single presenter shows and used the built in mics for shows with more then one presenter, but as it's not very good from a distance I have bought a Sennheiser MKE600.


What I was wondering, for all you audio genius', was is there a way that I can have the Sennheiser MKE600 plugged into input 1, and another mic (for arguments sake say a sm58) plugged into input 2 whilst recording two separate audio files?


I know you can adjust the gain of each pre production but it would be really helpful to be able to record using both mics and then be able to plug my sd card into my computer and have a file for each mic. So far the only way I have found is to set the H4n to MTR and record as a multi track, but its not as user friendly as the four track interface as it gives you less room to scope the gain levels... If anyone has any other suggestions then that would be greatly appreciated.


All the best



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I don't know about that device in particular, but if you can't figure out an onboard solution, there's plenty of ways to split the WAV into two mono tracks afterward. It'd be relatively quick.

Hi Phil, cheers for the input.


It would be relatively quick, however it doesn't really solve my problem. Perhaps I didn't describe it will enough (I know you aren't familar with the device but I appreciate your input all the same.)


Trying to put it simply... I have two separate signals going into the H4n, the H4n then records the two signals and produces a single .WAV file. What I'm after is a way to record the two signals and get two separate .WAV files of each independent signal. For example... say i'm recording two presenters with two handheld mics and they begin to talk over each other, it would be really handy to be able to lower the volume of one and raise the other / EQ their voices separately etc.


Again, thanks for the help Phil.



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What Phil R says is correct - you can plug 2 mics into the recorder, record one mic onto the left channel of the stereo wav and the other mic onto the right channel. These can be spit in the edit to create two mono independent tracks. One for each mic - so they can have separate volumes and eq.


Some recorders output separate mono wav's (e.g merantz recorders) but a stereo track is a non-issue - the mic signals are still kept separate as long as you record in the correct mode.


A dual mono track is better overall as it helps prevent sync issues

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Thanks Phil C (and Phil R) I think now you have explained it more I understand. Thank you. I'm using FCPX as my editing software, so I'll have a play and work out how to create the mono independent tracks. Will report back if i'm having trouble.



Thank you Phils! I really appreciate your help.



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